Saturday, January 31, 2009

TWENTY FIVE things about me

Whoa, I would much prefer five, or eight, or even ten, but 25? THIS SHOULD BORE YOU RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CHAIRS, sorry. I bet even Heather, who asked for it, won't make it through the list!

But WAIT, first a little video:

1. I am distraught that Domino magazine is shutting it's doors. I was just getting over Blueprint closing shop.

2. I never have to go to Buffalo again.

3. I don't like print fabric- not in my quilts, not in clothes, not in decoration, basically not at all.

4. Machines with lots of settings and buttons are stupid. On and off is smart.

5. Charles Burchfield is my favorite watercolor artist.

6. I have a fetish for dishes of all kinds.

7. I google old friends and find out as much as I can about them, then don't contact them.

8. I prefer neutral surroundings but love lots of contrast and textures.

9. I am lactose intolerant but sneak cheese and ice cream when I am not looking.

10. I resented my brother for dying so early, but would give anything for another hour with him.

11. My 1979 Blazer was the best car I ever had, even better than the restored Model A of my high school days. I don't 'get' electronic windows and heated seats.

12. If something holds still long enough I will paint it.

13. I don't like to be outside much, I am an indoor cat.

14. I have a sensitivity/allergic reaction to alcohol so don't use it. I often wonder if my aversion is psychological.

15. I wasn't a good mother, wish back then I had realized I had a choice.

16. I function best when left alone.

17. There is nothing worth watching on television except the CSI series.

18. I'm not good at all at sending cards.

19. Old time rock and roll, has to be from the fifties.

20. I don't read as much as I should, then when I do I pick books with lots of pictures.

21. Unless I am doing some sort of handwork I fall asleep sitting straight up after 7 PM.

22. My quilts are my autobiography and making them has kept me sane through some tough times.

23. I like long haired dogs.

24. I adore teaching, do not adore the administration that accompanies it, so retired from it.

25. I love to cook, I love to read recipes, I love to have people over for dinner but I much prefer to be the caterer, not the hostess.

1 comment :

Deb said...

Reading your 25 may possibly move me to do my own but you have to worry when the first thing that comes to mind is "I like to lay in the dirt".

Who am I kidding? I couldn't do the Seven Things without lying.

Yours is the first 25 that I have read with interest And come to an understand of "why" do it. There is just no other way to get together over beer and fried clams
over the internet.