Sunday, February 01, 2009


I had a little incident yesterday-  when I checked my blog stats I noticed that I had really spiked the number of visitors early last week, and on a regular basis for weeks before that so started poking round to see why that might be.  I was a bit shocked to find that the online version of a major Boston newspaper was a frequent visitor.  WTF?

  So I went there and sure enough, my blog is 'featured' in the west edition every time I post.  Needless to say with all my talking about my ass, my work, what I eat, and even more private issues (!), this cannot be acceptable.  So, I have removed the reference to my home towns and we will see if that stops their search engine.  I am perfectly happy with a few good pals dropping by to check on me, occasionally an acquaintance who is intrigued, or a perfect stranger who arrives here by links from somewhere else.  But being published in a real newspaper isn't on my radar, thanxyew very much.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for me, just ask!

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Deb said...

It was the ASS that compelled them!

My most frequented blog post features a picture of a shoe that I photo-shopped to look like it had blood running all down it.

Long live the pervs.