Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Finished over the last few days, first the famous bacon mat (in progress).  OK, so I started out as a weaver years ago and am always attracted to 'baskets' a TY calls any woven form.  So, this is a bacon basket.  In fact if you don't cook it all the ay to crispy you could form it over a metal bowl to finish-  would make a quite spectacular serving dish for a spinach salad.

OR, you could form it over a longer thinner form made of tinfoil, a sausage shape, and it could be filled with any taco or egg filling.  It ain't just a breakfast food.  

OR, use the famous cayenne or chipotle blizzard which sticks easily to maple syrup.   Then the big mat of bacon can be cut up into nice rectangles and served alongside any breakfast or lunch.  

OR cut in rounds and put on an English muffin with a fried egg.

OR, wrapped around a meatloaf.

OR, used as bait to get people to do your bidding!  ("If you take out he garbage I'll let you sniff the bacon mat...")

OR, how about sticking it on top of a quiche like lattice piecrust!  Yum.

Well, the possibilities of the bacon mat positively shrivel the next thing done, but I am quite pleased to have finally gotten the linen yarn from Santa Fe wrestled into combination with lots of other leftovers to be a sweater.  This is nice and lightweight, almost drapey, any yes, Ollie, I think I may actually WEAR it sometime.  What a novel idea.  Most of my sweaters are simply fodder for new sweaters.  I am getting very good at ripping out.  I think the carrot on the stick to wear this is the fact that I found a bracelet that works with it perfectly.  On sale, because everything I buy is on sale.

I am not real happy with the sleeves, they should be narrower and have fewer yarn changes, so I may possibly only redo that part. This is the old Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket that I modified to the point it is almost unrecognizable. My love for this pattern and my variations are because it's one needle, uses up all the junk yarn scraps, and there is only one seam necessary to finish it. A one piece sweater!

So now I have to get back to my 'special cocktails'- 8 of them that I have to drink within the next 90 minutes. It is doing a job on the system to be sure, let me tell you, but necessary for tomorrow's colonoscopy. Wish me well, I know I will be thinking deep thoughts of you! Ugh.

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