Thursday, February 12, 2009

Over and out, so to speak

I was home from the colonoscopy by 7:45 AM. Phew, one more thing checked off my list. I cheated last night, could not possibly get the last two 8 oz glasses of the 2 quarts (or maybe it was liters, I dunno) of phlegm they wanted me to drink so I threw it down the drain. Bad me. I just finished 2 cheesy eggs, 2 english muffins, a huge mug of coffee, and am rootin' around in the refrigerator for more- I may be forced to BAKE. They won't let me use the car today or make business decisions. Apparently the center of business decisions resides in one's shit and I have to wait for a new crop. Makes sense.
The CT scan is scheduled for next Tuesday, and then the meeting of the GI minds takes place, hopefully over a few good Reubens and a beer.  There, bet this is all a lot more than you wanted to know.

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Terry said...

Have you been saving up that bull image for just the right post, or did you subject yourself to the colonoscopy just so you'd have an excuse to use it?! If so, it was totally worth it. Seldom has a random graphic so perfectly fit the subject matter.

With graphic admiration--

Your snickering friend