Saturday, February 21, 2009


A few weeks ago I got my laptop 'fixed' and that meant I lost the whole HD, so I was OK in the Mac department, had all my contacts and bookmarks and email stored out there in a cloud somewhere (but I have no idea which cloud) but I lost all the programs I had-  like Word and Photoshop which essentially made me into a simple- head blog reader because I couldn't play with words OR images.  

So I flew home to my old computer and was able to firewire most of my stuff over to the laptop again as well as get registration codes in case I needed them (I didn't).  I am again in business, but as usual way far back there in the dust.

What I was able to do, finally, because my printer won't communicate with the laptop in FL, was to print a few images I am going to use in the Dropcloths.  A taste:

I can hear you all now mumbling 'WTF?'. OK, so all these guys are going to be altered, the scenes will be changes, the context skewed and they will appear in the 'windows' of the quilts I'm working on. Because we LOVE those little windows! I was also able to raid my fabrics and am taking back a suitcase full of this and that.

This morning I ate breakfast with my good friend at Johnny's Luncheonette, "where the folks get their yokes". This was a stretch for me because I am a Talk of the Town Diner gal, where the "breakfasts are pretty average" from way back but I gotta say I am a convert now. I had potato pancakes with poached eggs on top and then smoked salmon on top of that. The place was crowded, I could have used more coffee but they could use my table before I was quite finished- is there such a thing as dessert after breakfast? I think they do it there. Loved it.

But the real reason I came to Boston was for Hazel's first birthday party, and tomorrow we get to see her smear cake on everything her short little arms will reach. All I really care about is that I get my share of frosting because IMHO there isn't any reason to eat cake alone- it is simply a frosting vehicle. More on that event tomorrow.

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