Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Week Here, A Week There...

                                                                                     Hazel, Exiting Stage Left

Sorry, I guess I have been a little busy.  We enjoyed the visit to Boston last weekend, but needed to get back to rest!  We had a pretty hectic time racing around seeing everyone we needed to and attending festivities- Here is Hazel in her Birthday Tutu headed off on a mission of some sort. The party was fun, we had our eyes glued to her every movement and loved watching her doing her pre-toddler explorations. She is standing alone and investigating small things in her hands, then realizes she is not holding on and flops onto her rear, so perhaps by now she is taking those first few steps unaided. Wish I could see her working that out- she sure is the epitome of *cute*.  
Here is the poor child teaching Stern Old Grandma about the mysterious box, but hey, it'll make her tough putting up with my crap too. (Do not be scared of this picture, I really do smile a bit, and have rarely bitten babies!)

We also spent time with my Nate and Amy which was great-  I always enjoy their company.  We did dinner with other relatives and that was fun too.  I guess the best part was that we had no food in the house since we've been gone for months now, so we had to be out for every meal.  I came home feeling like an overstuffed sow, so am now on an austerity plan, back to oatmeal and bare nikkid chicken, sigh.

This week has been a blur since arriving back on Monday-  several appointments, several fun things, and whammo, the time has disappeared.  We had time to spring Molly from the Slammer and she was so grateful that she hasn't left my side in days.  Her last class was Wednesday night and she graduated Magna Cum Laude with accolades from the teacher, "She's a Quick Little Dog" (meaning in mind, not just movement!)

AND, wonder of wonders, I have finished off two of the five pieces I started before we left.  The last three will go quickly because they are all set up and ready to stitch.  The hand applique takes some time but I can do that and watch CSI at the same time, and the machine stitching I now have figured out to a simple formula.  I don't hate the damn machine quite as much- it's just that it has way too many buttons to keep straight.  Now I can straight stitch and zigzag with no hesitation so I am feeling better about it- and I do know that it's ME, not the Bernina with a problem!

(Note the two photos of the army guys drawing out their quilt patterns... OK, so that's not really what they were drawing but I changed it a little to fit my needs!)

This morning we took Molly for her run on the beach and today was the closest she has ever gotten to the surf coming in.  She ALMOST got wet paws.  She made friends with a huge white bulldog, a Golden and a Chihuahua and then a duo of Cairne Terriers so a good time was had by all.  

Mackerel sky, oh oh.  That means a weather change in a comin'.

The palm at the end of the steps to the beach- the point that the leash comes off.

Looking to the left down the beach.  

Looking to the left up the beach.

And looking down at Molly rolling in dead stuff. Her head is center top upside down.

And right now I am cooking ribs, have made a tray of polenta with roasted corn ready to put grill marks on, a jicama slaw, and a key lime pudding cake.  We are having 8 people in for this 'cookout' today, cookout being about 5 minutes of flopping these ribs on the grill to get black carcinogenic edges.  Maybe I will take some foodie pictures later, we'll see.

But the big news is that I am finally in touch with a group of artists who have some studio space available (I think).  One woman said yes she does, but I have to talk to another woman who hasn't called back yet.  Keep your digits crossed for me, the location is close, the space looks safe and it would be so great to have a place to go out of the house so I might be serious again.  Of course the drawback is having to get work out there so it will sell and I can pay the landlord, but perhaps that is exactly the pressure I need.  We'll see if I can wear this in all good faith:   

Tha. tha. thaz all folks!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy: Ralph alerted me to you Blog, I am not too versed on social media..but will try to log in occassionally. Loved the Tutu photo it was my favoirte as well.

Do you know how much cold weather you are missing? wood fires, scotch, and warm chowder?

Cheers- Christy on the Cape