Saturday, February 07, 2009

I remember about you!*

Does anyone miss the spam like we used to get?  I'm not talking about the viagra an cialis stuff, just the old fashioned non-English translations to English that were nonsensical and complete fodder for my blog and quilts.  I used to copy and paste paragraph after paragraph of the almost invisible pale gray text into a file I kept on my desktop and then mine it for phrases to write about in the blog.  Now I have nothing.  Damn those filters.  Then I found a typography text generator on-line so spent an ridiculous  long time printing it to card stock and cutting out the circles to have it spin my next title.  That's back on my other computer gathering dust.  So, now my titles are pretty ordinary for my posts- and apparently now that I have removed my home town from my blog, not even the Boston Globe is bothering with me.  At least I hope not.  

So, my friends, we are back down to just a few little visitors every now and then.  I would love to know who is checking me out from Adelaide as I have an old college  boyfriend there.  I love it when I see visitors from India who are probably looking for TY who used to do immigration law.  I have a steady visitor from Russia, one from Poland, lots from Canada of course, and several from the UK (hey, maybe old relatives from the Norman invasion?), and of course my usual old friends and compatriots who are nice enough or care enough to check in. I just wish people would take a second and leave a comment.

Oh.  OK.  So you have to have something to comment ABOUT before you comment, eh?  I'll see what I can do from now on.  

* the only thing I could grab from 3 spam filters!  Life is dull in spam-dom, especially of you aren't trying to make anything bigger or thicker or longer...


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Don't take the lack of comments personally Sandy!
Everyone still loves you but in this economy people are short of money and comments.
When the economy improves there will be more comments available for people to use.

Radish said...

One of the other blogs I read is getting spam about LACE WIGS on every post, to the point real readers are starting to include the phrase on their legit comments just to get a rise out of the poor guy. Heh heh heh.

j.dávila said...

Oooo, I had a good one yesterday! The subject line was: Add some floors to your skyscraper. You don't even need to guess what they were selling, but they get bonus points for creativity.

Carol Dean said...

So THAT's what happened to your titles, which I did so enjoy when I first found your blog a few years back. It should be about content rather than titles, however, so I wouldn't be too terribly concerned by the lack of spam resources ;)