Sunday, March 15, 2009

A gal who loved hogs...

An original poem written in response to my bacon fetish by my good friend Barbara Elaine:

A gal who loved hogs tried to hide it.
Vehemently she denied it.
I hate pigs she said. ANd hogs.
I love Tibetan Terrier dogs. .
When hogs die my heart ain't achin'.
I only love them when they're bacon.

Barbara Elaine, bless her heart, has her own goat fetish, which I find a bit hard to understand. oh sure, the kids are cute gamboling, but then they get, ummm, kinda goaty. Oh well, different strokes, etc.
So now I get to talk more about food, right?  
Here are some peanut butter and jelly felt pillows over on etsy.  I never liked white bread but there doesn't seem to be a choice.  

Edith Zimmerman has a whole blog dedicated to playing with her food here:

And this guy scans sandwiches on his aptly named SCANWICHES blog.

Brown bag lunchtutorial here.  All I can think of is coughing it up like cat hairballs.

And of course it wouldn't be complete without chintz food, would it?

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Deb said...

Have you seen the commercials for Boost Mobile phone? Two large pigs sitting at a restaurant table about to tuck into a huge carved ham. "partking the essence of a fallen friend" I think they said.....