Thursday, March 12, 2009

OK, Joking The End*

*from a Chinese translation from French into English

Just a few things to wrap up my bacon obsession today. These were found on the ever elegant Craftastrophe blog that I am addicted to. Like bacon. But this, I promise, is the last time I will talk about bacon as a craft material. Promise.

Stop the presses, a bacon lampshade!

A cute little felted bacon iPod case...

For the executive who races out of the house too early for breakfast, a bacon briefcase.

And a bacon shawl, which I happen to think is quite stellar!  Wonder how my little group of conservative lady stitchers would react to me knitting this every Tuesday morning.  Hope I can chart the colors, but this looks like better bacon that I usually get.

Back in Reality Land, I am doing the hand stitching on the 'dropcloth' series, and the first one is progressing nicely with four more to go-  what was I thinking?  I've thought about incorporating the plastic 'lace' tablecloth I found to stencil through, so that's part of today's investigations. 
I managed to overlook the deadline for my hometown quilt guild show, something I have never missed in 25 years.  I guess, if I even make it back north by then, I will be just a paying customer for the first time.  

I finished the last of the four books from my class-  if I were starting it over again I would have things planned better but it's still a fun thing to handle and fold and unfold.  Except that it's about 3"x4" I would call it a coffee table book.  I have one more to finish but haven't yet figured out how to bind it or what it's for.  It will all happen eventually.  I have ordered some supplies for my own cyanotype prints so maybe they will arrive today and I can continue with that book.  And, further mulling around my plans to make a book about my work- thanks to my therapist, I think I will forego the self-publishing plan and instead make the whole thing by hand.  Afterall, why in hell would I ever need more than one?  And maybe that was why I took the book class to begin with without even figuring it out.  There ya go:
Hey, I had an idea just then, way to go.

One more thing, the studio search forges on, but not much in sight I can afford so far. I even tried to entice a certain photographer to share space with me to no avail. Wish that there were artist warehouse spaces available here like at home but when a building empties out here, they simply tear it down. Too bad.

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