Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Good Time Was Had by All

in our book class!

Here is the pile of stuff I schlep every day.  It's so hard to plan for what you may need in any eventuality, so best to just take a little of everything.  Then some more.  And a book.

Molly got her costume for the dog show coming up in our little community.  Of course she wanted to free Tibet from Chinese tyranny, but I happen to know she can be bought with a fist full of Pup-eroni.

Here are a few of the cyanotype prints I made on fabric.  Tomorrow I am going to concentrate more on paper so I will have some to work with later.

This was a wintergreen oil rubbing transfer on to dome gold dry brushed paper.  The fine detail was lost but I think it can be saved by some extra attention to the feathers.  This will be a tri-fold booklet, simple.

Two Polaroids, one a transfer and one a lift.  Both are very dark, overcompensation for overexposed slides.

A close up of another Bridge book, this one made of papers and bound in a waxed cover.

I copied quotes having to do with bridges, printed them on the inkjet, visited Kinkos, now known as Fed Ex Office, and made laser prints in reverse on acetate.  Then I transfered the quoted to the book pages with a blender pen.

Some are better than others.

And finally I also laser printed a bunch of the Tide Pool photos onto small cards and made an accordion book and a wee box to hold it.  But then it needed a cummerbund.  I think this one is very cute and plan on maybe thirty or forty more.

Or not.

One more day of class and I will be able to get back to normal procrastinations, regular meals, and my usual schedule of walking in the mornings and keeping up with laundry.  I will also be glad to be out of my car for so many hours a day.  But I will miss the action of everyone in class and all they are doing-  such fun to be tripping over people's great ideas all day!

I had to pick up my little quilt that was returned from the New Focus show in Coos Bay OR.  I was hoping there would have been some documentation like a newspaper article or something but I suppose I should be glad it's intact, right?   I love this little piece, wish it would have put on a few more miles, but I was happy to be included in the show.

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carrie said...

How do you get streetplans etc printed onto the fabric. Are they on acetate?

Wouldnt that make a fabulous fabric line?

And the wintergreen oil for the bird - I am puzzled by what you do with that? It's a lovely ghostly image, though.