Saturday, March 07, 2009

Thwarted, Gadzooks!

Today was my appointment with the woman who wants to share a studio near here so I was there on time, she wasn't. I waited the requisite 15 minutes and called the number I had for her, her husband answered and didn't know where she was, or what the number was on the studio (it is in a little industrial park). He did give me her cell phone so I called and left her a message there and went back to sit in the AC in the car while waiting one more 15 minutes. She finally showed up all aflutter and let me in. I was happy with the space but then found out where "my" space would be- in a little alcove with halogen lights beating down on my head! There wouldn't be room there for a folding table, couldn't put up a working wall, let alone any of my crap that climbs up to the ceiling. There is a back storage room but to get to anything back there I have to get up and go around a corner and locate whatever on a high shelf system that I have to provide. All this for $300 a month. Now, if I could have the whole place for that, or even the front room, it would be a deal and I would have written a check, but for table space? No thanks. SEW, as we say, back to the drawing board on that plan. I guess I need a real estate guy.

OK, back to the book class- our last day was filled with activity, everyone trying to get it all finished up before we were through. i spent most of the morning doing cyanotype prints running back and forth to the sunshine, waiting, running back inside carrying large pieces of glass. I made about 15 prints, maybe two I am happy with! But that's the way it goes. I do know that if I stuff these in a pile in a secret place that I will discover months from now, that the ones I like best now will just not be at all interesting and I will love one that has major issues. That's the way it goes.

Finished two more little books, well I *almost* finished them. One is made from a big old map of Italy and the whole thing is made from one piece with slices here and there and folding in all sorts of directions. I am cutting up a photo book I made from our last trip, printing it and pasting it onto the maps. The whole book is 3x4".

The other one is long and skinny- I covered a couple of cigar box dividers with one of my big cyanotype prints and then have dividers made from another similar print. The pages now are blank because I am thinkin' hard as to what it is worthy of becoming. And ummm, how in hell I am going to bind it.

And finally, on my comments yesterday Carrie asked:

"How do you get streetplans etc printed onto the fabric. Are they on acetate?"
Yes, one of them was on a piece of acetate I bought years ago as scrapbooking material though I do not now nor ever have made a scrapbook! the other one was a hand drawn map I found on line of early London that I photoshopped a bit to change to B&W, reversed it and make it cleaner, then printed on on acetate on a laser printer.

"Wouldnt that make a fabulous fabric line?"
Sure would! That is why I have gotten the image ready to send to Spoonflower! I have spent too many hours looking for map fabric and printing it off the inkjet- figure I will get a couple of yards printed and be ready for anything!

"And the wintergreen oil for the bird - I am puzzled by what you do with that? It's a lovely ghostly image, though."
You have to order the wintergreen oil from the pharmacy as it can apparently be used for illicit activity. You also have to work in a very well ventilated area because it is so potent, but all you do is use it as a solvent for transferring images, rubbing the back of the image with the oil and then putting it through the press. We got some lovely images from this stuff but finding a press is sometimes not easy or convenient so it won't be my go-to method.

OK, so I want a press. I have always wanted a press, the bigger the better. I also want a Laser printer, and while I am at it, how about STUDIO SPACE! Some days, as lucky as I know I am, I can't help feeling deprived. Now I have to go sit outside in the gorgeous sunshine and pull up my pantlegs so I can get tan beyond my ankles and bask awhile. And I am complaining? The nerve.

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Terry said...

I wish we lived in the same city. I would go halfsies on a press to share. (In a studio space!) I want a press--have wanted one for 35 years.