Sunday, March 29, 2009

We are having technical difficulties...

So for  a week I tried to make an appointment with a genius at the Apple store but the screen would go dark or there would be a banner saying there were no more appointments or a few other things that just weren't normal.  I am a pretty regular user of the geniuses and always just log on and pick the day and time I want to show up and that feature wasn't working.  So I hiked in to the store and sure enough the concierge-person at the front door couldn't get me logged in either OR make an appointment for me (huh?).  But that night when I tried one more time I was able to get in.  So the next day I left my laptop with them to have it's keypad replaced.  There's a design flaw on the front edge caused by the two bumps molded into the top to keep the top from slamming shut-  unfortunately the bumps break down the plastic and form tiny cracks that eventually break off.  I had fixed both sides with scotch tape but the edges of that kept getting caught on my wrists as the heat buildup removed it.  Just a minor inconvenience, BUT apparently the Good Apples decided it was a flaw and are replacing it as if it were still under warrantee.

But, no computer means no downloading of digitals so things here aren't too visually interesting.  (Or interesting at all for that matter!)

Except that Molly did well at the club dog show yesterday.  She didn't embarrass me and behaved like a real dog instead of a stuffed animal.  She looked smashing in her SAVE TIBET tee shirt, and in fact won 'Most Spiritual' of the mid sized breeds.  OK, so all the dogs won a prize... And out of a field of 50 dogs playing Musical Sit, she came in 6th but then they all got bored with it and the first five all got ribbons.  No pictures.  Maybe in a few days.  The Best in Show Award went to Lola, an extremely overweight old bulldog with a serious underbite in a pink tutu.   

The good news is that we found a Havanese breeder nearby with 2 puppies still available so maybe we will be expanding our family (and sacrificing our electrical cords and shoes) soon.  Do I really need my chickens herded?  Maybe not.  

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