Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back in Business

And yes, OK, I agree, that could be a good tattoo. I suggested a needlepoint pillow but the recipient of my great advice now thinks he will get a **tattoo of a needlepoint pillow** with these words on it. Could be interesting, bet there aren't too many tattoo artists asked to do needlepoint pillows on guys.  What the hell, we all need to stretch it a bit.

Watch out for embroidery hell!  I've been there.

My Laptop's Back, and there's gonna be some trouble...hey la di la di lo.  I have a new keyboard base and hopefully this will hold up for a few more months.  I just spent some fingernails trying to get the dried scotch tape off the front that was holding it together but all is well, and the genius in training in that back room cleaned it up for me too-  I wonder how long it takes to earn that tee shirt.

UNfortunately as I was WD40-ing the old tape, I knocked my camera off the desk onto the stone floor.  I was able to download the last batch of pictures into the computer by holding the front and back together with my vice grip, but I *think* I may have knocked this one over one too many times now.  Having to pinch the case together to take a picture is awkward.

So, here are a few details of the dropcloth stuff: No particular order, no particular reason:
I've added stenciled lace because I found a plastic lace tablecloth in the bottom of a box and just knew I had to use a different lace design on each of the quilts.  And of course have nothing else to do but cut apart lace with teensy scissors.  Also, above and below, notice my entries into the Embroidery Hell.

I cannot begin to tell how much my hands hurt from forcing needles through the painted canvas.  I may need medical attention, and I don't mean just for my mental health.
Click on this one to see better images.  I haven't finished embroidering the little quilt guy at the bottom, actually I am waiting for someone else to volunteer-  so far no luck.

Another quilt guy on the far right, here is is drawing his quilting lines before I finished the stitching.

Molly's First Dog Show-  she won 'Most Spiritual' because she was wearing her Free Tibet shirt.  She was without a doubt the best dog there but the judges had been drinking I believe and didn't see that she was sitting perfectly in the Musical Sit game-  actually they were probably punchy from having 45 other dogs eliminated one and a time and just didn't care!  But Molly had a great time and every day since she has dragged me back to the spot where the tent was to see what happened to her doggie friends.
This is for Valerie who is having a paella discussion with me-  I made this on Friday, there was enough for a few more people but it was probably the best I've ever made.  If I do say so...  And now I have a proper pan, at great expense, bought in a panic two hours before dinner, so there will be lots of paella a'coming.
And my orchids have sent up new shoots and the blossoms are amazing!  I divided 6 plants into two large pots and all of a sudden they look important!  Hope I can keep these going over the summer.  Last year they didn't make it.

We had an anniversary the other day, I don't remember which one, and decided that we would buy ourselves a huge pot and an architectural plant so went to the most amazing nursery here in town and found these.  The plant is an Octopus Aguave and they have promised me that I will have a hard time killing it.  We had to find a gardener to cut the plastic pot off, but today we got it lifted and planted.  Tomorrow I will hold the camera together again and hope I can show you the finished products.  I also will go back and buy another smaller ball to set in front.  We are trying to class -up the courtyard and make it look more contemporary.  The octopus helps, but I am suffering from deep cuts from moving it around-  it's a tough old thing.

And with that I am through for the night.  Don't give up on me, I am still here, just hobbled by technology every now and then.  

I wonder if I could duct tape the camera back together...


Terry said...

Fabulous pot and agave. I think its too cold here. Loved the agaves in Mexico and Ecuador. I have a "needle and thread" from one, given to me by a Mexican tour guide guy--hard to describe. I'll have to find it and post it on the blog one of these days. And the paella--oh yeah.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Try Liquid Nails to hold the camera together.
It's supposed to work on just about anything.