Sunday, April 26, 2009


We are going out again for dinner, old friends up the coast a bit, should be fun but I have 15 minutes before we have to leave and my messes are all picked up and the dog is fed.  The last two days I have been bent over the book about 'Blue' and another quickie about parrots (because I had many images all ready to print and it turned out to be the same number of pages in the folds.  As they say on The A Team, 'I love it when a plan comes together.')  Got the signatures all sewn on the Blue book and then glued the spine onto the cover boards (actually the dividers from a cigar box).  I had covered the boards with a cyanotype experiment so I was locked into long and skinny.  It is so much fun to NOT plan, instead to just do something and then let 'it' tell me what to do next.  Long ago I found a Jasper Johns quote, "Do something, then do something to that, then do something to that."  When I finally got what he meant all of a sudden doors opened up wherever I went.  No keys, no picks!  

So the Blue book is being pressed and the orange parrots are in my suitcase.  I am off in the morning to Boston for a few days to get grounded with my friends and I can't wait.  So, tomorrow I might be able to snap a picture of these books, and tell you about the artists book show I am going to right off the plane at one of the BC libraries.  Dinner with a pal, and then tomorrow night we will hit the one Quilters Connection meeting I am home for for the whole season,  Laura Wasilowski is the speaker.  I hope I get a chance to meet her as she has been around for as long as I have!  Not many of us left.  

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Haven't you learned you can't say OLD friends when you are "of a certain age".
You must say "Long time friends".
K who went to her class reunions yesterday with "long time and longr time friends". (See blog)