Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Optically Illuminated Blurb

Did I ever tell you about my alcohol problems? No, not an alcoholic in spite of coming from a long line of 'em, instead I have an alcohol sensitivity that turns me beet red and I have to claw at my face for the itch to subside with one sip of wine. This has gotten progressively worse and to the point that a sip of champagne at a wedding toast is excruciating. So I was trolling the web the other day and discovered that this is REAL, even has a name- Asian Alcohol Syndrome. There is apparently a deficiency of one of two liver enzymes but it can be fixed and relieved by simply taking a Prilosec before going out. So I tested it first with a beer and had nary a twinge. The next night I had an actual whole glass of red wine, again no problems. I simply can't believe that I have asked doctors about this and they have given me a blank stare for years now and it is so simple to fix! I am thrilled.

However, this again opens the Pandora's Box about what exactly is in my DNA. There was always a rumor about my grandfather being Native American, but hotly denied by my grandmother despite popping out straight black haired, black eyed, dark skinned kids with Asian (Indian) features. Oh well, too late now to collect on a casino, and no one would believe me anyway the way I look!

I'm having an exhausting time here on 'vacation' in Boston! I've been on the run since Monday morning, scheduling one thing after another since then. I did manage to get photos taken of the books I've been working on like promised, but that's about all that is fit for blogging about, so here goes:

The Blue Book: cyanotype, photographs, found papers, paste papers, rice paper, tissue, cotton cloth. Blue text about the color blue, blue images.

The Parrot Book: a book made from one large sheet of paper cut in a spiral around duplicate folds. Marbelized paper, gold leaf. vintage parrot prints, rhinestones and found papers.

The Venice Book, also a book made from one large map of Italy cut and folded. Laser copies of original photographs from a Venice vacation. Silk ribbon binding.

The Bridges Book: Original digital photographs, all image transferred by various methods onto various papers. Transferred laser printed quotations.

Business Card Book: a set of Moo business cards printed from original digital images of tar paper rolls at a construction site. Artists papers, small handmade box and paper binding.

Tha tha thaz all folks. Now I need some applause for loading these damn pictures FOUR times! I went in to correct a misspelling anf the images all disappeared so I did it again. What a pita this is getting to be. Sigh.


Terry said...

The books are wonderful!

My mother had the same problem with alcohol and the red, itchy face, but never knew it had a name or a remedy. I have it to a lesser degree. And there are faint whispers in the family of an "Indian Princess" way back in the family woodpile, so I guess it all fits together. Hmmmmm. Interesting. I learn something every day!

Deb said...

A day of revelations!

Amazing about the cure and wondering how that possible heritage/genetic component figures into the "problem" that native Americans have with alcohol.

All the artwork is outstanding too.