Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our defeat

First, before I start on the whole golf cart Easter parade, I want to show that I can indeedy be successful every now and then.  here is the Octopus Aguave completely planted with a reliable water supply and two huge ceramic balls.  The second one I was going to buy at the uber-expensive nursery that had already robbed us for the pot and plant and larger ball.  But a twist of fate found me lugging a perfect matte black ball out of TJ Maxx one day for one third the price of the one I was headed back to get.  Gardeners Eden either closed some stores or went out of business and I am a recipient of their spoils.  Cross that project off the list!  (You cannot take pictures through a screen because the flash goes off and reflects back mostly screen!  Lesson learned.)

And now I transport you to the golf cart Easter festivities here on campus.  I struggled to get something done for this as a friend asked me to help and I *thought* we had done well, but I showed up for the running of the carts today (since all I had to do was stroll out my driveway!) and was greeted by a bunch of Type A retirees with their vacationing spawn who had to go and overdo it to impress their toddlers.  Harumph.  First, 

this guy told me about his granddaughter's CandyLand birthday theme party a few weeks ago and here is all the stuff tied to his cart.  

The Key West theme, always those blow up palms.  Sigh

And talk about over the top-  these people must have robbed a Steiff store, or maybe it's that baby mastadon I saw they recently carved out of an ice floe.  Double Harumph.

One little part of the parade starting out, notice the escapee kids going every which way.

And here is Rowen and her mom and grandma in their Easter Bonnet cart entry. Yes folks, this took three days to build and in thier short trip over to the 'start' line, the veiling blew up and became entangled with the stiff wire ribbon and ripped to shreds. Somehow it got smaller and less significant in the presence of a baby mastadon tethered to a cart top. Our hat that we thought was so great was a ...yeah, I admit, a bust. Even Rowen was not pleased and kept asking if it was time to go yet.

I came back inside and had me a beer. So I could cry into it. 

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