Saturday, April 11, 2009


Geesh, I have been blogging for over five years now, unbelievable that I can find so much to say about nothing, isn't it?

So to celebrate I am going to introduce you to Vik Muniz.  I got an email from the MFA this morning that he is going to be in Boston for a lecture but I don't think I will be in back for it-  this may get me there-  nothing like a good reason to get me out of lala land. Please open yourself up for a treat and go to the PBS site above to see his work and hear him talk about it- you will thank me for it.  Then, here is His Own Site, next go there. I'll wait, bit don't forget to return here because I have a doozie for ya!

Put your coffee down now. Is it safe? Anyone in the room? Don't say I didn't warn you, here goes-----

Yup, knitted Happy Family Body Suits. Start yours now, but I wouldn't model them outside for the family Christmas picture like these folkd. Family Protective Services might get involved. Or I hope they would...

Imagine your Happy Family skiing down a hill in Aspen... Imagine them sitting around reading the funnies on Sunday morning... Imagine those times when the whole family has the flu... And these would be great suits to wear to a drive-in IF there were still drive-ins. bring your own popcorn though.

Whew, now I have to go make some scalloped potatoes for dinner tomorrow. Happy Easter

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Stella said...

I would think people would ask the same question I do, except there are zero comments, so I will ask it:

Where in the hell do you find this stuff?

Oh yeah, and congrats on the 700th post! Doozies one and all!

(I don't miss even one, Sandy!)

Cheers and hugs,
Jo in MN