Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Updates and Answers

First order of business is to answer comments from last night! I used a little duct tape on the camera and it's still taking pictures. There wasn't anywhere I could squirt Liquid Nails (love that stuff- it's holding my house together!)

Second question is about the adorable Molly-  she is a Tibetan Terrier, actually a faux terrier, just put in that category because of her size.  These guys used to sit on the walls around Llasa and watch for intruders, then set up a bark to alert the Tibetan Mastiffs who would be sent out to vanquish the enemy.  So here we have a lotta bark, and very little bite.  They are considered a very important gift and were only given by the monks to those they wished good fortune, never sold.  They are loyal, loving, and don't require a lot of exercise.  They always want to be with their family and are happiest when everyone is in the same room.  
And YEAAAAA, we got the octopus aguave in it's pot just moments before a torrential downpour that filled the pool to overflow.  The pot is 36" high, and the landscape guy told me I don't want the Octopus to grow full size because it will be over 6' beyond the pot.  It's now taller than I am.  The ball is a 24" model to give scale.  I love this-  looks so important in the dead corner, but I now see that it needs another ball, a smaller one for the front.  Stay tuned.

And here are the two pots of orchids finished, I think that the other photo only showed the blooms.  I guess I should also show the ratty hibiscus that I threw out-  loved the blooms but the leaves fall off constantly and they always look icky.  We are trying to get rid of clutter around here so the new mantra is bigger-is-better.  I won't ever get rid of the iguanas-  they will be my permanent clutter.

And that's it for Old Business.  Any New Business?  Yup----------

My Horror-Scope: 
A creative cycle is coming to an end, so it's a good idea to finish up old business prior to starting something new. Be careful, though, as it's easy for you to overlook what's really happening because you want to have an optimistic outlook. But being eager for success is not a good reason to idealize the current situation. You will be best served now by seeing things as they truly are and not as you would like to see them.

Oh oh.  Maybe this is an April Fool, I sure hope so but to cover my upcoming lack of creativity I guess I will spend the day in the studio cleaning up the Drop Cloths.  Hope my stitching hand holds out.  Next time you see them they will be the finished versions.

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j.dávila said...

LOVE the aguave in the ginormous pot. Last summer I decided I HAD to have tall black zinc columnar pots instead of clay colored ones. More streamlined and contemporary. Of course, they're megabucks so I settled for tall black aluminum columnar pots from IKEA. Not as nice, but almost.

Your Molly's people harken from the same part of the earth as my Pixie's. She's a Lhasa Apso and has a similar temperment, but is probably much smaller at ~17 lbs. Nothing better than a low-maintenance, all-adoring fuzzy friend.