Monday, May 18, 2009

Bubbling over?

Horror-Scope: Your mind is bubbling over with sensible ideas, making this a great time to initiate action. Don't wait to receive an okay about any decisions you need to make before you start.

How appropriate! I found a studio space I love today- nearby, safe, brand new and in great condition- can't find a single thing wrong with it except it's too expensive. Apparently the developers haven't heard there's a recession or that it's a buyer's market. Well bottom line is that it is right in front of my mind since I saw it this afternoon.
front door, south facing with lots of wall space on both sides, 700 sq. feet- enough room for even me.
back wall, north facing, looks out over natural landscape and a pond-  no buildings.  Previous tenant left cool paddle fans.  That's a water fountain on the right-  not a urinal.  It backs up to a bathroom that has lots of room and could be easily used for darkroom processes with a few shelves added.
standing in front of windows looking south to garage entry hurricane door (people door to left)  Lots of parking spaces outside if I get a workshop going or have some classes someday.

SO--- any advice?  thoughts you need to share?  I am calling the agent tomorrow.   Whew.


Maxine said...

If you love it . . . grab it. You will figure out how to deal with the expense . . .

j.dávila said...

I'm right there with you. Something to keep in mind when making a tough decision - will you it regret more if you do it or if you don't? It definitely sounds like you already picture yourself there.

There's a phenomenal space for a design studio/workshop space near me that's going to be ready in two years and I'm visualizing being ready for it in two years. Let's hope the universe is listening.

Deb said...

Make them an offer they can't refuse and once the deal is sealed, move in and live there. Who needs a house?