Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The best day

Tanis Taylor on how knitting can be a feminist activity

The Horror Scope for today: You may have a very practical set of goals today, yet you might choose to set them aside because there are more exciting things to do now than taking care of business. Don't be overly concerned with someone else's expectations; you have to follow your heart's desire. Instead of wasting time justifying your actions, try to fulfill your responsibilities first, so no one will be able to criticize what you do next.

Funny, I have a real objective today and that is to show TY the studio for his OK--- not that I need it, but I really want him to approve of this move for me since it affects us both. Well, did it! He thought it was a great idea and really liked the area and the overbuilt construction (and I ignored him when he said it would be a great place to store his future car collection.) So I am back at home now deciding on which rugs to get, which walls to paint and which shelving system to install.  And what of our old furniture can be repurposed there.  It is finally a firm decision!  I am gonna own that studio!  So we came home and I made Chinese beef and vegetables in black bean sauce.  With that I can get anything I want!

SO, we left our developer still holding the key while I scamper around tomorrow seeing how best to do this by talking to the accountant and trying to find a business lawyer so I can learn some Florida law.  Quick.

I have to get a dog bed for the place too.  

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