Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Just Musin' Along

With my purchase of the new studio front and center these days, I am a busy woman *in my head* making plans.  I don't know how long it will take to be mine-all-mine after I write the check and don't want to jinx anything by arranging stuff too early but I can PLAN, can't I?  As soon as I have it under contract I will start the floors-  seems that the best option is a three step process, hence a three day process, of etching, priming, then painting the floors with an acrylic concrete paint.  When that's done I have to find a mover to get the stuff out of my home studio and move it over.  I don't have the strength or stamina any more to handle it myself, so I am hearing Judy's voice in my head:  THROW MONEY AT IT!  This advice has held me well on so many occasions.   So, here are the other guys I will be throwing money at in the near future:

A plumber to change the sink, an electrician to figure out some good task lights, and a carpenter to install the homosote, a counter top and whatever else I put on my list.  I also need the movers to stop at Home Depot and haul out plywood for my worktables.  Of course none of this would be necessary if I had married a handy man instead of a lawyer who was raised 
to be ...

THEN I go home to Boston for a bit to catch up there and finally take that Dorothy Caldwell class at QBTL that I have been planning on doing for years.  After that I pack up the Boston studio and ship it lock stock and barrel(s) down to FL, then try to beat the truck down I-95 so I can let them into the studio.  And listen to me, talkin' like 'packing up the studio' will be an afternoon event!  Just going through the accumulated stuff will take weeks, then trying to dispose of the stuff I no longer want will be a challenge.  I am having second thoughts about hauling down the older quilts that I don't exhibit any longer, like these that are only some of the pieces beginning with 'A' which I am peddling to you.  I don't have any of the actual measurements, but have guessed.  If it's important, contact me and I'll get the exact sizes as soon as I get back.

Ascention, oil printed lace, photo transfers, resist, and sun print.  About 13" x 18" as I remember.    SALE   $100

Aftermath I, about 24" x 30", photo transfer of a 1938 postcard of hurricane devistation in Worcester, MA, raw edge applique.   SALE  $150

Aquarium, maybe 12" x 18", cotton, paper collage, machine quilting, SALE   $75

Apple Curry Soup, about 50" square, made for my appearance on 'Simply Quilts', collage technique, vintage photo transfer, vintage linens, mosaic technique (what I was demonstrating on the show), printed linen placemats and anything else I could sew down!  SALE  $500

August, about 40" square, all vintage tablecloths cut up and reassembled-  note two squirrels eating the spoils.  SALE  $500

Aftermath II, about 32" square, vintage postcard of 1938 hurricane cleanup.  SALE  $300

Adirolf, maybe 4' x 6', a big one!  All vintage tablecloths, tea towels and barkcloth fabrics, some old Dresden plate quilt squares, embellishments, all hand applique.  SALE  $750

And here it is, the ever popular Richard Genn's column today that started me on this.  I know I need to cull the herd, but burning things in my gas fireplace isn't an option yet-  better I just wad them up and send them to the dump:
Esoterica: It's important for living artists to be constantly weeding. Destroying substandard work is not only good for the heirs, it's good for the artist: nothing worse than mediocrity in sight. Burning, while illegal in some jurisdictions, is best. I do it quietly on cold, sentimental nights as a ceremony of sacrifice in the fireplace. Further, a quick note in the will, "Destroy all unsigned art," saves everybody a lot of trouble and anguish. Remember, it's always nicer to enjoy a few brilliant friends than to endure a crowd of dullards.

(If, by any chance, any of these interest you, contact me and I'll give you more information.  I take Paypal or checks from anywhere but Nigeria.)  And stay tuned because I have even more 'B's than 'A's!  Next post, promise.  Or wait a bit and see if I lower them even further so I don't have to ship them south!  Or, make me an offer I can't refuse...  

HEY, I really like Rayna's little signature she has been adding lately at the bottom of her posts-  I have to copy the idea and work one up, but with MY name!  OK, Rayna?  I hope so because I just did it!


Diane Wright said...

Does this mean that you will be spending more time in FL?

The studio sounds wonderful...well, it will be wonderful after the money gets thrown at it. Most everything can be improved with a few (or many) well placed bucks.

And you are modeling very nicely re: culling. I really should try to follow suit. The thought of moving sends shutters through me. I don't think I've thrown anything away in YEARS. ..too many to count.


Mary Beth said...

argh i am so jealous of the space-outside-the-home... congrats! I should go finishing stripping out the room formerly known as biggest bedroom for my other workspace.