Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Made the offer on my studio space, kind of expected to write a check and he would hand me the keys so I could start hauling stuff into the space, but I guess that's now how a real estate transaction works- lots of mentions of thirty days here, lawyer blah blah blah, and thirty days there and Leona Helmsley I am not. And they didn't give a crap that I have started buying soap squirters for the bathroom and have picked out carpeting. My friends are all sending suggestions for what to add, most of which include a bed (!). Bet they will change their tune real quick washing their feet in a laundry sink. But folks, seriously, no beds! This won't be a live-in space (in spite of me doing a dance around some lovely scented candles yesterday. I DID NOT buy them!) There was however a wondeful rusty white lawn chair at Anthropology for only $2000 supposedly from France (yeah, sure... looked like maybe Hampton Beach to me!) that I quite fell in love with.) Instead the money will be going to a little press- a dream of long standing.

Jupiter Moons, 60" x 60"

Also, I think I have picked out a name for the space: Ganymede Studio. Ganymede is the largest moon circling Jupiter, and since I am in Jupiter it seems appropriate. I can't get my head around the story of Ganymede, it doesn't really resonate but my other choices were equally dark: Callisto, Io, and Europa. All four were victims or Zeus in one way or another and that doesn't work for me, so I am sticking to them all only being MOONS. I checked out the names of all 63 moons that have names- some are part of a belt that hardly qualifies as anything but astro-junk, but none worked any better than Ganymede. Suggestions taken!  

Now, as a present for your continued reading of my drivel, here are some real stories done by real writers. This was sent to me today by Teddy Pruett who has two pieces included, so be sure to read those first- they are the best! And send the link on to whoever may be interested, per their request. Thanks-

Free eBook honoring Women's History Month


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Maxine said...

Sandy, Sandy, Sandy . . . you need at least a chaise or a love seat . . . not for guests . . . for NAPS.