Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Just set up mobile blogger- we'll see how far this idea goes! Somehow I feel a little too plugged in! All I have to do is text from the cell and it automatically appears on the blog. WTF?

Now, for the KETCHUP part- stuff I have not photographed, odds and ends:

My Phrenology book cover

A collection of pages.  I am keeping them like a deck of cards as they all need to be seen individually rather than flipped through.  I tried to count and got up to 46 before I was interrupted, but that doesn't count both sides of each.  Just like I like best, many pictures, few words.

Here's the little guy that sits on the screen over my computer.  When the sun shines on him he turns transparent and I can see his innards digesting or beating or whatever they are doing.

My latest Koigu shawl.  I am really liking lace knitting, though this hardly qualifies.  I've also started on a lace vest which should keep me counting on all my fingers and toes.  

Makes one think I will see winter again someday, doesn't it?   

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Anonymous said...

Please post the pattern for the Kiogu shawl...