Thursday, May 07, 2009


Last week we were in a ladies clothing shop and there was much ado going on behind the counter. As I was trying to get out of there with my new suitable-for-sportscar-rides beret, the salesgirl showed me what was in secret box by pulling out a baby squirrel, like this but only one of them:

I was appalled that she would have this tiny being in a box of shredded paper rather than leaving it where she found it- whether to be rescued by it's mom or eaten by some other hungry critter. She was talking about how she is going to train it... it's a freakin' rodent! Now, I like watching these animals as much as the next guy, but I really really really think squirrels do not belong in boxes in ladies clothing boutiques. And as 'helpful' as this broad was thinking she was, she ain't no mama squirrel. How the hell is the little thing going to learn how to twitch her tail? How to scurry to the far side of the tree when it seems me coming? And all the other squirrely things it will need to know. But no, she was going to feed it with a bottle and was bragging abut how 'strong' it was- it's eyes were still closed!

So, I am sure the poor thing is dead by now, probably buried with a CROSS over it's shoe box (It was a Christian squirrel, see?), after having lived a brief enough life to have upset several people.

So, in honor of the poor little soul who could have been a contender, here is a Squirrel video of a thirsty cousin. Don't get bored too quickly because this one finds a way to cool off in the sidewalk water, very cute... even if it is a rodent.

NOTCOT Squirrel from Jean Aw on Vimeo.

Other places you shoudn't find squirrels:
In brandy snifters.

On your head.

Wearing a cowboy hat and riding a Golden Retriever.


Linda Branch Dunn said...

We have squirrels in the crawl space above our bedroom. I hear them making little baby squirrels during the winter, and wake to the real things learning how to scurry in the gutters outside our windows. Someday the rodents will rule the earth.

Meg said...

Well, if you think squirrels don't belong in shoe boxes in ladies' stores, or in crawl spaces, or even sprawling on the cement walk, then what do you think about a woman carrying one, sleeping in her bag at Century 21 in NY? I said 'swirl' - likely talking about soft ice cream- and this woman asked if I had said squirrel. Sure...So she just had to open her bag of a baby she is raising, feeding it around the clock. adorable in there in a zippered bag hanging on her risk. My cousin murmured after we walked away, 'rodent'.

Meg said...

Oh, since I know you are dying to find out- Yes, an Eileen Fisher jacket from Century 21 for dirt cheap. (big grin)

Anonymous said...

Um I have a second squriel brought to me so could bnot just lay them wherever, They are easy to get back outside again.. Yu simply put them out there daily longer and longer and they very quickly learn all they know and hang out with other squirrels, the one I had last year still comes around every now and again but is totally wild..

NO I do not recommend being stupid they are a wild animal, but to let them just get eaten? I have no heart for that, they may be rodents but I tell ya they are smarter than cats I've had.