Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ganymede Part II

Here we go, photos of the new studio during my first visit after the paperwork!
I forgot to get an outside shot, but this is from the center looking toward the front wall (south, unfortunately- I have a sneaking suspicion that garage door will be hotter than a stove top. I found 3 pieces of wood 4'x8' with some sort of insulation and was told that the previous tenant used them across the door to keep the heat down. Geesh, who would have thought about heat radiating from their garage door? Not me. We'll see. Yesterday was overcast so it wasn't bad at all.

Here's the south wall and my cool fans. The windows look out onto a strip of nice landscaping and a pond beyond with fencing around it. I don't know whether this keeps fisher guys away or alligators inside. Time will tell. I asked about a handyman and got a recommendation so called him yesterday to meet me about painting the floor. He goes by the name of JC and is a little South American guy who showed up early and speaks very good English. Then I find out he is actually a licensed architect (he showed me his certificate from U of Miami) from Bolivia who was rousted from his bed at 3AM by the militia with machine guns and fled back to the states leaving everything. But he doesn't do CAD, graduated in 1983 before it was so widely used, so cannot get a job with an architectural firm and has struck out on his own. I've found my handyman to get things rolling here. And oh, did I say he is Italian? Now he is Bolivian-Italian-American. I don't think there are any fraternal groups for that.

As we were measuring walls and walking around thinking there was a clap of thunder. The trusty canine immediately hid under the sink in the bathroom, and here she is peeking out to make sure I'm still there. One damn clap of thunder and it had to happen on her first visit- I will never be able to get her back in there. Oh yeah, I have a water fountain over there on the left. First order of business is to replace it with a laundry tub.

So, there it is. My work is cut out for me for at least the next week. The floor will be painted on Tuesday, so I will start looking for some guys to get a truck and move my stuff over on Thursday. And I will be missing that long ride back to Boston on Wednesday and will be force to FLY (poor me) when I am finished here.

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