Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ganymede Studio

I got accepted into another show during the Lowell Quilt Festival this summer. ArtQuilts Lowell, at the Brush Gallery is taking my 'Tune In, Turn On, Drop Cloth' piece that you are already sick of seeing on this blog. I am two shows within a few blocks of each other, the opening on the same afternoon, just staggered a bit with the Whistler. Can't wait, this will be a fun summer because these shows follow hot on the heels of my week taking the Dorothy Caldwell class. If I don't get fired up from this, I might as well hit the recliner with an afghan.

I've got to do some spray painting, and my mask is back in MA. How's this Louis Vuitton number, does it make me look fat?
And I have been looking for a small laser printer, preferably color. I found one at Costco but the stats were in Spanish and I couldn't twirl it around to see the English side. I figure if I can't carry it, it's not for me. Well, that's the PC line, actually I wanted to find out more about that particular model. Remember this Xerox machine?

Back when I started teaching we had mimeograph machines and we would all spend our free period in the teacher's room cranking out our copies because the office Xerox was only for special occasions, teachers weren't allowed to touch it. It was about two thirds of this one above which is larger than my first two kitchens. I guess that shows how old I am when I am talking about how things used to be.

Early tomorrow is my closing on Ganymede Studio, and I am beyond excited to start this new venture. It's being cleaned for me today and I can start fooling around in there tomorrow as soon as the foolishness of all those papers is over. First thing is to paint the floor which I think will help brighten it up a bit. Second I need to find a small haul moving company to get my stuff out of my house, so I am hoping that these things can be accomplished before next weekend when we really need to get back north. I'm going to save all the setting up for when I get back and don't feel like I'm under the gun to appear organized. Pictures my new cement box, as far as the eye can see, tomorrow after I get back home. Next step is PAINTED cement.

I'll leave you with these new pantythose. If I can get everyone to wear these, this will be the standard for legs and I will fit right in again! Wish I could still walk in heels.


Diane Wright said...

I'm so glad that you will be at the Brush and Whistler openings. It had been a little fantasy of mine to be in both shows too...but visiting you will be close.

Did you hear that they are closing the Doubletree? I loved using it as a pivot point in my Lowell travels...Chelmsford is a lot less convenient. But we are undaunted...we even have La Boniche reservations!

I'll see you in Lowell. Diane

Maxine said...

I'm so glad you got the studio . . . it is about time!

Mary Beth said...

grats on the studio. And PS I sure do remember the xerox. I think I started using machines like that around 9400 and went up to the docutech. I did a lot of quilt stuff using them pre-personal computer!

Maxine said...

Diane . . . check out the Marriott Courtyard Lowell off of Industrial Ave. Not walking distance, but they have a shuttle to take you downtown.