Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movin' Movin; Movin'

Tools at the ready!

I hate to be one of those people who are never happy,

(ahem) BUT

It has rained steadily since I got off the plane Sunday night. Not even real rain, just a steady drizzle that's a tad too much for intermittent wipers. All day, all night. I was shocked at the look of things around here from all the wet- the trees have leaves twice as abundant and twice as big as normal. Everything is dark green and lush, much more so than other years. It's all just so friggin ABUNDANT. The grass is hideously high and thick because it can't be mowed. The perennials are so big that they aren't even recognizable- SIL had foxgloves rimming her yard taller than I am. Weird thing is I am having Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome and I actually feel small!

That was I felt small until I entered my studio and did a quick appraisal of what I need to do to get it moved out. Somehow I have built a solid 12" shell of *stuff* from floor to ceiling and that shell now is creeping out into the room at the floor level. Stuff in baskets and bags, stuff bulging out from under the table, stuff hanging like a three dimensional object from the bulletin board, stuff creeping over every surface. It is simply overwhelming, So, this weekend TY will be in CT so I will go out this morning and scoop up moving boxes somewhere and start in sorting and tossing and donating,

The studio in FL all packed up and ready to move-
This is here as a reminder that it indeed CAN be done.

I dropped the doggie at the kennel the other day and while I was there a woman brought in a load of old blankets to donate so one problem is solved- the old quilts, the ones big enough and washable enough, are going to the poor blanket-less dogs. (I will pick a shelter though, not the $35 a night boarding kennel.) For the fabric I no longer want I will donate to someplace else- I'll call the Senior Center and see if they can use it for their programs. If not, I guess it's Goodwill. I know how excited I get when I find someone's stash there. Last time I did this I filled a couple of boxes and put it at the guild meeting with a big 'free' sign. It absolutely evaporated. I'd do this again but the meetings don't start until September and I need it gone soonest.

I measured linear footage of books I want to take and came out to 25' so that pile will have to be pared down too. I want to keep all the books that have pictures of my work, 9'+/-, and all my art books of course and that takes the foot measurement down to ...ummm..25'! I'll have to do some serious soul searching here.

Top of the drawing table, then, underneath the drawing table- bet you didn't know that there IS a drawing table here!

Paint stuff, at least part of it:

Inside Pandora's armoire- just linens and barkcloth! Two more bins of fabric to pack,

Equipment? Ohmigawd... I'll take the serger I 'had to have' ten years ago and have not yet broken out of it's plastic packaging, but do I need 10 embroidery hoops really? Since I haven't hand quilted in years I can let a few of them go. Buttons? I have drawers-full and I am going to let the ordinary ones go. I have shoeboxes full of old jewelry- necklaces too heavy to wear, things that are broken or have lost pieces, old watches, old rhinestones (I'll never give up!), beads loose and beads still strung, all saved with the idea that someday I may 'need' it. Oh yeah, a stash of hideous earrings from the 80's that makes my lobes hurt just looking at them. All saved as grist for the mill.

Well, the Mill is closing!

The one thing I am not worried about including!
  Keep them doggies rollin'...

Keeping the Destination in mind! (BTW, that's not my car in the reflection of my studio door, though I wish it were!)

PS I actually finished this sweater/shrug thing before I left. I hate it.

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Shrink the shrug and make a purse!