Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lock Up, Throw Away the Key

Remember these? I even used them to straighten my hair, back before I stopped fighting genetics. That model on the package must be why they went out of business, but they were sure fun to play with.

That pesky horror-scope again:
You may feel a bit stifled today as prior obligations prevent you from doing exactly what you want. But don't be too quick to judge the situation. Slow down and ask yourself how you can benefit now from fulfilling your responsibilities. Although your mental agility has you jumping all over the playing field, you'll be happier if you can stay in one place long enough to make it feel like your own.
Yup, this is my last email check before I have to leave for the rainy north. Yes, I WOULD be happier to stay in one place. I woke up at 6 today, threw on the same clothes I had on yesterday and hot footed over to the studio with a stop at Starbucks. I was there at 7:05 and stayed most of the morning until I reached a spot that there weren't any short-time-frame projects left. I hung a towel rod in the bathroom after I painted it, I painted a few other things including the dings on the pretty new floor (if cement can ever be called pretty.), moved more stuff around, and hung a 'take me' sign on the huge tv aimed at the property manager who is checking my place for leaks during violent thunderstorms. If no one claims it, it's a give-away when I get back for any two hefty guys who can carry it.

So now I am dealing with closing up the house, moving outdoor furniture, changing the light timers, making sure the refrigerator is emptied, and general stuff like that. After two years of not having a key to the house, I finally got one to work, thus thwarting all the house breakers out there. But afterall, what are they gonna get- my quiche pan? old paperback books? my full bag of stuff to haul to Goodwill? the empty propane tank? I guess I would be pretty upset if they went after the copper pipes.

The woodpecker is back in my tree looking at me and trying to decide if he should get involved here or not. Wish I had telepathy with birds, I'd tell him the place is all his and peck away.

Yesterday I had some major luck out on my buying circle- hit a great sale at Arhaus and bought up some of their display fabric, three green glass vases (maked down from $29 to $4, and some fabulous bleached twig sconce-type shelves marked down from SEVENTY-NINE dollars to ------------------------------$9. Grabbed them right up and don't have a clue what to do with them yet. So, I am all 'accessorized' in this place now and have to stay away from overdoing it.

I'll leave you with this card I found on Cafepress:

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Deb said...

oh I remember SPOOLIES! I thought they were the coolest thing since single wrapped cheesefood BUT everytime I spent two hours winding up my head it would never dry completely...I left a set in 24 hours once and the ends of my hair turned green. and it was still damp.