Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is this fresh hell?

You may feel the need to reconsider a recent decision. It's not that you are particularly pessimistic today, but your extreme optimism over these past few days is in the process of settling down.
Spent the day thrift shopping and got two great counter chairs, bamboo swivel things with barkcloth flora fabric. I snapped them up and then had to make two trips back and forth back and forth to fetch them. One is actually still in the rent-a-car because I ran out of steam and needed a big long drink and an hour on the couch. Two more 'gotta-haves' taken care of. Movers coming at 8 in the morning, looks like I will be there sitting and worrying most of the day. My new business checks came today with the wrong address, have to get that reordered. And I have to pay a deposit for electricity even though I have had an account here for 15 years. Bummer.

Reconsider? hell no.

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