Friday, June 19, 2009

Easy Move

Moving day. It took three times as long to load as unload, still, the whole move was accomplished in 2 hours by two very efficient and strong guys who weren't even phased by today's 90+ temperatures. Here is the last piece coming in.

Rough set-up showing my new bar stools I found at a thrift store yesterday. The barkcloth seats are perfect with the barkcloth I already have on some chairs.

My two old closet shelves work in the bathroom for all those back-up supplies. I found an old wooden towel rack at the same thrift shop so will paint it up for the bathroom.
Here is the view back to the garage door. My 12 tubs of fabric and affiliated stuff are on the right. The sewing table will slide right under the print table which will span between the two bookshelves shown. My list to save fro my return in a few months-

3 4x8 styrofoam insulation panels for the very hot garage door (and display, and additional working wall)

2 deep 48" wide wire shelving units for paper supplies and existing drawer system to be shipped down

3 shallow 48" wire units for fabric storage

2 4x8 MDF panels to become work tables

1 4x8 MDF panel to be split into 2'x8' pieces to become desk unit for window wall

big industrial sink

etching press (oh oh.)

rugs for desk area and chairs at entry

I'll order these---and a guy to handle the light carpentry, when I get back. I'll be dealing with twice this much stuff when I send down the stuff from Newton so I might need all of you to come help stuff it into nooks and crannies. Also this afternoon my real estate guy dropped by to take me around to meet some neighbors. One couple does amazing watercolor and acrylic paintings that I see all over the art fairs in south Florida. They are right across the driveway from me so we are starting our own 'arts community'. Another company makes children's fantasy costumes and items- things like fairy hats and maribou trimmed capes that are sold at theme parks mostly for little girls. Wish I could have rooted around in there! Their studio was packed to the roof with sparkly net exploding from every little drawer. Then we went to visit 'the guys'- old guys who collect beads from every imaginable source- we commiserated on the death of flea markets where you could find real deals. Imagine little clear cups full to the brim and stacked on little shelves to the ceiling. Now imagine more little cups on rolling racks in front of all those. Now imagine desks jammed together and also filled with little cups of beads. Amazing. Next I get to meet the Car Guys because the next group to meet collect old and special edition cars. I have already got my eye on a 1938 Ford, bright red, parked in front of one space. Have to meet this guy, I love old cars.

But now I am back at home trying to get ready to close it up for a few months. It's killin' me to leave, I am so excited about this studio and simply dying to use it!

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Diane Wright said...

OMG! I'm really too old to use that acronym but, wow! I lived in Jupiter (and that IS a planet, a state of mind and a place in S. FLA) for several years and now I live in the North..backwards retirement...I am so enjoying your exploits! And, secretly...oops..that's out of the bag...looking forward to my next visit there. I can hardly wait to see your real life..and maybe do a little thrifting.