Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ayyy, Matey!

Does my eye patch make me look fat?

So, something was in my eye and it hurt like crazy so I finally gave in and went to the doc. He dug out a 'small metallic object' from my cornea with a little numbing stuff to keep me from squealing. I went home and when the stuff wore off I was really ready to squeal. He wanted to fit me out with a pirate eye patch but I declined- preferred instead this lovely homemade model to stick my eye closed. I cannot read. I can listen to the tv and the iPod, I cannot spend any time on the computer- have the brightness turned way down because the freakin eye is still dilated so I look like a lemur. And I have no depth perception- can't even reach for coffee without missing it. In short, I have been cut off in mid-career. My bocce days are over, so much for ever grabbing that brass carousel ring, and keep me away from sharp objects.

Meanwhile, while my white cane is being varnished, the Horror-Scope tells me this:
You may feel resistant to change and not ready to engage what's coming at you from around the corner. But your anticipation builds throughout the day because you can sense better times ahead. The Sun's move into your sign initiates a very creative phase in the next chapter of your life. Remember, there's no need to rush the process; the future will arrive on time.
I am sure ready for this next phase! Cannot wait to get moved down to the new studio and put my stuff away! Hope I can do it before the sun moves too far and gets out of my sign!

Sometimes being a Leo isn't worth all the trouble.

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Rayna said...

Yikes! A small metallic object? Eeeew - eye things are very scary. I hope you can see by the time you get to QBL! See you next week - and hope you will see me, too.