Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eye's BAaaackkkk

I still have to put antibiotics into my eye at night, promised the good doc I would be faithful for one solid week. Besides I invested $4.06 today at Walgreens for a new bitty tube of the gunk- it's Vaseline-ish so I wake up seeing like I am underwater.

But tomorrow morning, brighter and earlier than I want, I am picking up my trusty companion, Sylvia, and we are hitting the high points between here and Onondaga Community College. The high points are chicken McNuggets in the service area McDonalds. I don't know what poor Sylvia will eat, so I bought some mangos and Milano cookies just in case. She is bringing grapes. The actual destination is QBL where we are both taking Dorothy Caldwell's class on stitching. I thought it would be easy only taking a few needles and some small scraps of cloth, plus I have been doing lots more stitching lately on my quilts and it seems like a good time to see if I know what the hell I am doing. We should get there by 2 or 3 and have time to move into our dorm rooms and settle down before dinner and the program of the evening- I cannot remember who that may be, but I do know I was looking forward to it.

My pillow is packed, and I've been hauling stuff down to the car all day because the elevator is out again. Thought it would be easier than trying to do it all in the morning, but by tonight I am exhausted. I'm really looking forward to this week, and we all know that's the kiss of death, sigh. Right on top of my huge to-go piles is my laptop so I'll be holding you all hostage for the week:

"and then I stitched UP through the cloth.",
"...but here I did something different, I stitched DOWN into the cloth.",
"and now here is the black square I did the first day",
"and I almost took a picture of the white square yesterday",
"and this is the back..."

Oh, can you just hear them fireworks now? Stitchin' Excitement, fershure! Sigh. Stay tuned. (Oh my, I am so hoping this isn't just another fat-ladies-in-denim convention- not that I won't fit right in.)

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jpsam said...

I'm looking forward to your posts!