Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Boxes, made of ticky tacky

but none of 'em look the same! Here I've added the second day's work on the teensy little folkloric squares. Each of our collections are supposed to relate to each other somehow. Mine are fourth row down, the third and fourth ones in the line- yeah, still boxes. Tonights assignment, you guessed it, do another box. Tomorrow? Ditto. Friday? Dance and sing Indian songs in our new shawls. Video to follow, don't hold your breath.

And, because I haven't done this for a few days, my Horror-Scope du jour:
Today can be a turning point in your ongoing process of change. Although there may not be much happening in your outer world now, there's a lot of movement on the inside where no one else can see. You sense that this isn't just another routine day, even if you don't share your realization with anyone else. In the meantime, keep showing up and doing what others expect. Maintaining apparent normalcy gives you enough space so you can continue your important work within.

Hmmm. Guess I'll take that.

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