Friday, July 31, 2009

Time Stands Still While Dogs Get Drunk

Last night we drove into Skaneateles to seek a real dinner and found a beautiful little town brimming with restaurants and strolling people eating ice cream. I felt like I had stepped back in time. We ate at a fish restaurant, Mahi Mahi tacos for me, then took a stroll down the dock.

Dogs here seem to be fighting a drinking problem, too bad they can't even have a picnic.

Beautiful evening to be out, and especially nice to be out of the dorm. The Onondaga Campus:

Pretty sky up here on the hill. We haven't been able to find out why the flag is half mast, doubt it is for Walter Cronkite, but no one can think of anyone else who has died.

OK, the work: This is the first part of my time line panel, the second part is just below but I don't have that panorama thing going- use your imagination. Click on the images for huge views if you want.

The last four little boxes are the embroideries we did every day. Mine illustrate the boxes of all the stuff for my new studio, the truck being packed up to move it all, the hands unpacking the boxes and getting surprised at every item removed, and finally just a bunch of stitching that will NOT look like a fried egg when I get the green center done. These little things are about 8" square.

And for some good news: this was the sign in place tonight at dinner. Apparently someone finally got the spelling message and corrected it. Made me feel much better that these kids have signs with good spelling in front of them daily. Pray for osmosis.

ever cranky,

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