Friday, July 03, 2009

Packing it up, packing it in

'No farmer ever plowed a field by turning it over in his mind'

My Horror-Scope for today is:
It might feel as if you are preparing for a showdown, but you don't necessarily know why. A friend or partner could be behaving rather strangely today and something doesn't make sense. It's tempting to turn your frustration into anger, yet hostility seems out of place. Instead of trying to find a solution to the mystery, just stand back a bit and let the situation develop until you know what's really going on.

Cute, huh? Love the way they caught some tough little looks in the baby faces! Go to YouTube when you get a chance because it also has a video of 'The Making Of...' starting with the hiring of the babies at an audition call.

On the home front, I have packed most everything- 14 boxes and 4 huge plastic tubs so far. The remaining stuff needs special packing, either books or long skinny stuff or too-heavy stuff. But I've made amazing headway. As each shelf of fabric came down, I put my Ironstone up so now the room is full and doesn't look abandoned.
Here is a view into the studio with the boxes trying to escape into the dining room. They are making great strides in that direction. I had planned on moving all the completed boxes out to the hall but somewhere along the line my cart came down with a broken wheel and can't be steered with these heavy boxes on it. So, TY was supposed to go find a gas station to help fix it but it hasn't been done yet. My option is to go buy another cart and by far that would be the simpler solution.

And here are my new neat shelves of Ironstone awaiting my next *plan*. This gives me time to deal with the whole mess at some other point. I'm just too busy this summer to try to get it out of here. It's going to cost me a mint to send it all to Florida but in the end it will be worth all the effort. I'm planning my first Open Studio already, and you all have a standing invitation- I'll announce a date when I see how much work I have to do! I'm hoping before Thanksgiving while it's all still neat on new shelves! After that it will be bedlam as usual.

PS- I am NOT preparing for a showdown, I am merely waiting for a compelling urge for fried clams and beer.

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Rayna said...

I am exhausted just reading this; I have spent a solid week just cleaning my little sewing room and filling trash bags.

I will see you at QBL!