Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's a Wrap.

Today's Horror-Scope:
Although co-workers may be tempting you to get involved in social activities, you would rather relax by yourself or do something with a close friend on a one-on-one basis. Still the idea of playing with others does have its attraction, but you don't want to waste too much energy now because you know you'll need it later in the summer. Follow your intuition; it will ultimately lead you in the right direction.

This is all very pertinent because somehow I have got myself into a whirling social life this week and next. Now I love get-togethers as much as the next guy but every single one of my planned activities involves major driving extravaganzas which take me away for way too long a time. For instance I am headed for Connecticutt for a little time with old high school friends- and I have not seen these women since graduation day, guaranteed. It's a three hour drive to get there, and of course a three hour trip back. I'm going, but a reunion that should be fun already has be in a tizzy. Then on Wednesday I have to take things from three artists to three different shows for drop off in Lowell. Not an issue, except that they don't open until 11 to accept stuff, and I was invited to another friend's house to meet and greet her new press. This is something I really really want to do but it's too far, too late, too much to get from Lowell, then home, then out again for any quality time. Then, sigh, a good friend wants to have a luncheon on the Cape for all the Florida people who are there for the summers. I guess Newton qualifies as 'Cape' for her. Another three hours in the car, but I would hate missing it so it's on the schedule too. Then I have to pack for Syracuse and QBL- I've been throwing stuff in a bag but it has no rhyme or reason yet. Hope it occurs to me at some point.

I've been more worried about finding a decent bathrobe for this trip, not used to flaunting my sleepwear lately so I visited Target the other day so I won't be embarrassed. How one tee shirt nightgown cost me $140 I'll never figure out, nor how this tiny thing takes about seven bags to carry!

Meanwhile yesterday I got busy and checked my quilts, labeled the quilt and the sticks and made sure all were in working order. Then I wrapped them up in something waterproof (since I don't believe it will ever stop raining) and taped them up with the last traces of my packing tape.

This is the one to drop off at the Quilt Museum for some auction or fund rasier, I'm not quite sure what I signed on for,

Then I get a bit crabby.
Because this Tide Pool Quilt is going to the Whistler. I sure hope somebody likes it other than the jurors, it hasn't received the acclaim I thought was going to be in store.
Here is a detail shot of one of the WWII soldiers working on his quilt that appears in the Drop Cloth series that will be at the Brush Gallery. Below is 4/5th of the piece, 4 panels out of 5 were accepted but an accident of my big mouth showed me that it exceeded the accepted size by way to much to do my ordinary squeak by. Thankfully the Brush director was willing to take only two panels rather than the four here instead of having me withdraw for an inability to read directions. It fits nicely into the size limits now, and my face is still red over my stupid lack of detail reading.
As they say, 'It's a Wrap'. Or, it would be except I have to still do a statement. Bleh.


j.dávila said...

The next time you're in CT (and not feeling time pressure) come visit me! I have a new press that needs a proper greeting as well. And a bird collection that you would love.

I hope you can enjoy some of the week, despite the traveling.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Didn't anyone warn youo that you can NOT leave Target unless you spend at least $100?????????