Sunday, August 02, 2009

Putting the Week in the Dumpster

Finally got the postcards scanned for the Lowell Quilt Festival shows this coming weekend! Both openings are Saturday afternoon, and I know of at least three additional shows open over the weekend, not even counting the big one in the Tsongas Arena. Also there is a SAQA Regional meeting at the Quilt Museum between 10 and 12- all in all a busy day. Hope to see all of you at the two above openings- should be a fun afternoon. Find me and say howdy.

Horror-Scope to start out: It's not easy for you to let go of unresolved feelings, yet things finally seem ready to shift today. Others might not recognize the change in you, but that's because they cannot see your inner process. Nevertheless, you aren't as vested in keeping up appearances any longer, which can alter the dynamics between you and your closest friends or family in a very subtle yet long-lasting manner.


And with that, we went to see Hazel today. She has turned into an adorable toddler, has learned to run and is starting to talk, but the big thing is her eyes have darkened a lot and her hair has grown in curly- YES! She is looking more like 'my' babies! She hid behind a chair when we first arrived but warmed up pretty quickly to Gran'fathah and Granny Panties. And yes, I have pictures, thought you'd never ask.

I love it when she makes faces! If you're interested I have maybe thirty more.

I've spent the rest of the day putting away dishes, doing laundry, tickling the dog, and unpacking stuff from the suitcase, Thankfully the supply bag from the workshop was easy to put away- all the fabrics were dumped into a box, a few books that arrived from Amazon were put on top, and once I add the little coffee pot I can seal up the 18th box. Now I must get serious about finding a transport company. I'll be back in Florida in early September and would like the boxes soon after that so I have something to do before and between and after any hurricanes.Oh boy, it's getting close. I simply cannot wait to finish up this studio and start working again.

Need a new studio scanner. Need a designated studio computer. Need a wide bed printer... Guess I better look for a patron. It's tough when you're not cute any more.

Our Chinese fortunes from dinner last night. Pretty apt, eh?

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Terry said...

Hazel is adorable. My babe is talking up a storm and is hilarious. Don't you love toddler talk? Mine loves to look you in the eye and say "pedo" (Spanish for fart) then fall on the ground laughing.

Notice how many bloggers use the always handy Olfa mat for a background? A hundred years from now people will look at all these photos and say, "What WAS that green stuff with the yellow lines? Everybody had it."