Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcome back!

Beverly sent me this picture she took last weekend as we ate an icky too-earthy, too-crunchy wrap thing for lunch in Lowell. Hell, it had YEAST in it. Yuk, the only reason I ordered that one was for some avacado. She thought it hysterical that I, of the glasses thing, would be sitting right under the Revolving Museum glasses on the huge wire head. Maybe she's right. Jolly, aren't I?

If you peek into my neck you can see the latest ping pong ball necklace made with quail egg shells- had to leave my blouse practically open to the navel and still no one noticed. The other thing no one noticed was my knitted rubber tube purse that I got at the Art Museum in Chicago last summer.

So, now for the ugly part: I got a call early this morning from the guy who checks my studio in Florida after every rain storm to make sure there isn't a leak. Today his key wouldn't work so he thought perhaps I had been there and changed the lock- I hadn't. Apparently someone tried to break in and something broke off in my lock rendering my place inaccessible even to his pass key. He can't get in to see if anything was missing or destroyed until the locksmith changes the lock and adds some anti-theft barrier that a vice grip can't hold onto. $everal hundred dollar$ he thinks. But close your eyes and imagine that some thief in the night works for hours to break the lock, gets into my space and is greeted by a pile of lumber, some old furniture, and boxes and boxes of weird fabric! The though is almost funny thinking of their futile efforts. And I am sure happy I didn't move my computer and printer in before I left. Guess I will investigate an alarm system next.


If a tree falls in the woods will it make any noise?

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Rayna said...

would have served him right, but geesh - who needs this??
Yes, welcome home.