Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh, Snap!

Here's the Horror Scope for today, hot on the heels of yesterdays life sized self portrait!
One of the smartest things you can do today is to pop the overblown balloon that is your ego. Obviously, it's important to have enough self-confidence to successfully undertake a project. But too much focus on yourself right now isn't the healthiest thing in the world. You can disperse some of the imbalance by shifting your attention to your associates and co-workers. It's more efficient and fun to work as equals -- even if you're the boss.
OK, OK, so I'll pop the ego balloon and fix the imbalance by posting some links to friends and foundlings since I don't have 'associates' or 'co-workers'.

First, I am going to refer you to Harriete Estele Berman's blog called "Ask Harriete" where she has her Professional Guidelines. This is a must read for all of us. She covers every aspect of the business of art from how to present slides to today's read on how to get an intern. Today she has a link to her interview on blogtalkradio with Jay Whaley. It was from this interview I found out she also went to Syracuse. I met Harriet while sitting on a bench outside the MFA waiting for a show to open. I'll never forget her as she was wearing the most amazing necklace made from tin cans so as soon as I got home I found her site and was blown away.

Which brings me to another Syracuse alum in the news- Dave Bing. He was The basketball star when I was there, then went into the NBA where his career was beyond successful, ending up playing for the Celtics. I remember him as unassuming and polite, a gentleman and hard worker. And he was recently elected mayor of Detroit in a special election. He has proved he is a team player so all hopes are that he will be able to bring Detroit back from the brink- a big job afor a very big man- we wish him all the luck in the world.

I don't know what's in the air today because I just stumbled on more art I love and in reading about her- sure enough- she is also a Syracuse grad! Gwen Samuels focus is 'clothing as identity' and she uses photographs printed on transparencies, found objects, and personal history to stitch together her memories. her work is beautifully made and very ethereal.

There. Was that less ego driven even if it was all about SU alums?

I joined Facebook a while ago because I found several old high school friends there. There were three of us, then another one joined, then we all found several others and so on and so on until our numbers reached about 30 and still growing. This class wasn't up for reunions as we had pretty much all moved out of the area and lost touch but we seem to be good at posting memories and stories from those days 45 years ago and finding people we had forgotten, It's been really fun for the most part, but that is tempered by losing two members in the last few months. I suppose I should expect that my friends from back then would be 'of an age', but it is hard to accept. We will all miss our new/old friend Scott Unger who died this week.

To change the subject, I have two more pictures I found on etsy of things I just know you're going to want immediately! First of all, a set of foxes for around your shoulders on a chilly night. They may be a bit moth eaten by now, but just imagine the vintage vibe and how people will flock around exclaiming, 'EEEEwwwwwwww!"

To set off your outfit and really seal your "EEwwww" factor forever, you can also obtain this adorable dead armadillo that has been made into a handbag. Notice how his taxidermied tail is held in his wee teeth to form the handle, a stunning accessory for the stylish woman. You can search either item on the etsy site by just putting in its name- I'm sure these are one-of-a-kind items and I lost the seller's name.

no, even my huge ego can't deal with the armadillo bag!

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