Monday, September 28, 2009

Alas, no pictures today.

Yahoo! Things are coming together faster and faster! I got two big styrofoam insulation boards covered with flannel today, also one of my homosote boards so it's ready to go on the wall. The styrofoam is going against the big garage door to hopefully help stop the heat from radiating in off the dark metal- early this afternoon it was too hot to touch and I can feel the heat 6' away. If this works, it will be the cheapest and easiest solution to maybe my biggest obstacle to solve. Steve was cutting my last sheet of the stuff down to sit the garage door and we will attach it with a 'sort-of' make-shift bungee cord he is going to fashion.

I got my ironing board covered and ready for business- but when I set it down all complete and pretty, it clunked on the table. yup, I had stapled my scissors in behind the outer cover! I was able to wiggle them out finally and only removed one staple.

Steve has cut down the other homosote from the old studio for a pin board over my desk, and I left him today assembling that. I think he was going to try to apply the laminate edging for the tables too, but I'll see in the morning what he accomplished. No pictures today, the battery on the camera went dead from all the ducks yesterday, but it's charging away right now.

Don't know how I could have done this without Lisa's help- what a trooper to fly down to help me out! She solved problems, she jumped in with a helping hand or two, she killed critters, and las I saw her she was wiping up the floor. Then today she made me stop and go shopping and out to dinner, just when I needed it most. I'm a lucky woman to have such a friend in my life. Tomorrow she goes back to the airport and I go back to the studio alone to face my muse all alone!

Over and out.

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jpsam said...

I know lots of these shoes are open-toed so they won't work for you but I wanted to make sure that you saw them
View from across the pond is amazing! Keep up the good work...