Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pictures for your Perusal

Walking Molly yesterday, this was my little view across a pond. Any questions about why I like it here?

Three Pack of beggars. I had no live bait so they lost interest quickly.

The two adolescent ducklings. They are taught begging techniques early by their mom who should know better. When I got to FL two weeks ago these guys were yellow fluffy little balls. How quickly they grow- we humans should be jealous.

Mom Ornamental Duck with Aunt Egret in the background- or maybe it's Aunt Ibis- I could never tell the difference. She did a good job checking their popcorn for safety, but let them eat their fill. Two Great Blue Herons were a bit down the bank of this pond but they are immune to begging.

Molly on her single-minded pull towards the ice cream machine. She just knows it somewhere up the sidewalk.

And that, my dear friends, is the Major Cockroach that has been living behind the homosote the last two weeks. he scared the piss out of Lisa who had reached into a box of red fabric and came out with a huge roach attached. She caught him though. We were planning for a catch-and-release program but Mr Roach tried an escape technique that got him beheaded by the bowl. I did a dance and squeal in the background while Lisa attended to business, bless her heart. Ding Dong The Roach is Dead. And that is why I am keeping all my fabric in plastic bins from now on.

Lisa continued to come up with good plans. I had this final bookshelf moved over yesterday and she decided it needed to be display rather than just containing more of my junk. My artists' books look great in it so we backed it with some black and white stripes. (This is the temp try-out version, tacks to follow.

And finally!!! I have table tops. I went shopping with a guy-with-a-truck who knows how to do stuff, and we found melamine boards that work even better than my original plan, plus lighten up the room.

Lisa, overworked and overwrought, deciding how to carry out my latest directive. Much organization left to do when the last order of bins arrives in a few days.

And finally, the rubber cockroach killer gloves out drying. And a use for the darn crochet hanger-thing has been found!

Any questions? Hey, let me send you Lisa's email address and you can book her in for an overhaul of your space too! She likes dogs, cats too, and doesn't eat much.

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Rayna said...

Palmetto bug is so much more elegant-sounding. Eeeewww - enough to make me rethink Fla.

Nonetheless, glad your studio is coming along. (do roaches eat through plastic?)