Thursday, September 03, 2009

Another Little Set Back

Someone found this on Cafe Press and sent it to me- American Gothic with their Tibetan Terrier! Cute, eh? Looks just like Molly the last time she was in her full coat, but the skinny gaunt straight-haired woman with her isn't too much like me...
This is even a better representation of what goes on in our house, and this doggie also looks like Molly, more like her with her 'everyday coat'. She doesn't quite get it about begging for food, she begs for food by begging AT the food and trying her Tibetan Mind Meld to simply will it into her grasp. But the food is the point here...
because on my friggin' BIRTHDAY I got the doc's report back and I have diabetes:


I've been out straight getting re-tested and having my eyes tested again, even after I was at that doc's 2 weeks before. I've been to bBarnes and Noble collecting cookbooks and food plans to overcome the stats and get myself as close to normal as I can. I'm not so much into sweets so that isn't the problem. I barely drink even with my new found solution to my 'Asian' alcohol allergy. My biggest problem is all the bad carbs: pasta, starchy vegetables, and (sigh) fats. The only fats I eat are olive oil (good fat) and butter- need I label that one? I didn't think so.

So, the last week has been about coping, about eating correctly, about attending meetings at the Diabetes Center at the local hospital, and collecting pills: lots of pills and they are all taken at a different time in different combinations. This is my kitchen-
(OK, so actually this is a pill bottle installation by Jean Shinn, not my kitchen, but it WILL be my kitchen in a few short months!) Tomorrow I see the 'Educator', Monday I see the Nutritionist. Tuesday I see the nurse practitioner, Wednesday the moving truck arrives, and Friday I fly away south where I can get lost again.

God, I miss my 'stuff', can't wait to unpack and fondle fabric again.

So, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Diane Wright said...

Oh, (expletive deleted)! That's my nagging fear. I'm watching my own numbers and am close. I'll be reading your updates with interest.

My personal observation is that fabric fondling is pretty darn good at soothing and calming.

Take care of yourself.