Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Future Knitters of America

Or perhaps she just is itching for her first lamb chop. This is Hazel's first encounter with the free-range cement lamb and she seems to be quite taken with him. This lamb has been with her aunt and uncle for several decades now, my own kids used to feed it grass and pans of water but my former dogs thought it a singular threat and would bark at it for 20 minutes before giving up. My current dog ignores it because she knows cement from something bite-able like my neighbor's pant leg. (sigh.)

This little bit is included just because I never get enough of her cute face. Every time I see her she looks more like her mother.


Deb said...

I am such a sap. This is an adorable picture. I was so intent on the expression on the lambs face that it took a beat before I read the concrete pedestal. It's as if her attention has momentarily bestowed life. this is priceless.

Deanna said...

Hazel with the lamb is so cute. I too thought at first it was a petting zoo. She is a cutie pie.