Friday, September 18, 2009


Yesterday and today I have been loading stuff onto the shelves in the studio, back breaking work because I over-packed. Also the shelves are high so I am reaching way above my head with weight I'm not used to because it's easier than using the ladder and up and downing over and over. So when I hit the wall today I started making tags for the shelves so I can remember what my system is. I've got them all hanging now, cute Mexican cards I mounted on watercolor paper, punched holes and hung with raffia. Also this morning I found paper window shades in the right size to hang on the fronts of these shelves when I'm having an open studio or the formal folks are coming over. It's nice to be able to neaten the space without having to neaten all the shelves.

I've never kept my fabric in bins or under wraps before but I think it will be the easiest system for this place so I was spending way too much time moving this little piece into that big bin. I will just have to give it a loose system for now and then SOMEDAY get to cleaning out the bins.

It was time to get home because I was pretty exhausted but needed to do one more thing (you know how that is...) So I was lifting up the homosote which had been on it's side, two big pieces, when I got attacked by another big roach. Well, not attacked exactly, but he came at me and made me drop the 8' homosote, unfortunately not on him. He jumped to the back of the other piece and I went home. Tomorrow when I go back I will just pretend the homosote isn't there.

The push is on to get all these things done because I found a carpenter to come to Home Depot with me to help me with the boards and insulation I need to buy. Also we are moving another bookcase over to the studio, and he will do my desk for me and anything else I come up with. Within reason.

Like maybe vanquishing cockroaches. Well, I can ask.

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jpsam said...

As if you don't have enough to do, you should bring your camera to the studio so you can post some progress pictures. Your followers need pictures! Or we could go get some work done. Big Girl is cute, though...