Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures

As requested! If this doesn't bore you to death, not much will! Well maybe those little Mermaid movies.

So here goes:

Two shelves, the right one is accessible from the back too, where the desk is.
Here's one of the tags I made for each shelf so I can lable what's what and where's where. This is where I will keep my chalupa.
Yesterdays emptied boxes before breaking them down.
The boxes left to unpack
Here's a bigger picture of three shelf units in the back corner. The pine thing on the right will be my work table when my guy can install the top, the white cubes in the lower left are the second work table, and the sewing machine table slides under it when not in use.
Here are the two shelf units in the front where everything but sewing stuff is stored. That's what's left of the bark-cloth box being emptied. And all my rolled up quilts are on the bottom shelves of these two units. When there is nothing else to do I'll unroll and categorize the rolls, and hopefully find a different storage place.
Got all the books placed. There are many more, but they will come another time.
I hung grommet curtains on a big piece of bamboo to cover the front door. I need this for two reasons- one, to keep the heat out on hot afternoons, and two, for privacy when I am alone or when I close down the studio for the summer months.
The cutest refrigerator ever. Plus it serves as a food pantry to keep the critters away from my pretzels.
Why in hell do I own so many rolls of tape?
Or so many scissors?
Stood on the stool to get this overview of the back of the studio. The tv is going as soon as I have three big guys to move it out.
The stool view of the front of the studio. See the homosote leaning against the wall? That's where the cockroach lives.
The side wall that I am saving for display, just haven't figured out how to do it yet. The latest plan is to mount strips of homosote about 6" wide in a stripe around the wall, maybe about 8' up, just high enough to pin quilts to. Then. perhaps a lower stripe for smaller pieces. probably 6' off the floor.

I hope this image heavy blog will publish! But now at least you can see what I'm talking about.


jpsam said...

Ah, pictures! That's what we needed.
Lookin' good!

Maxine said...

Wow, what a difference from your studio up here . . . space, ain't it wonderful?