Monday, September 07, 2009

It's More Good News/Bad News

Terry Jarrad-Dimond interviewed me on her blog today. She asked some interesting questions which I am still pondering, so here is my pitiful effort at self-promotion. Go there, read it, and laugh at my picture. She does this as a project every so often as a way to get conversations going. I met her at the QBL workshop and took to her right away because of her dry wit and soft Southern accent, not to mention her work- seems I am always attracted to those things, right Teddy? Just checking to see if you're there.

Ahem, But In Other News...

I am still climbing up the steep diabetic learning curve, but have slipped in and out of depression the last few days. I can barely get off the couch to count my tablespoons of food. Today I used all my available energy to watch 'Toddlers and Tiaras' AND 'Design Star'- both were daytime reruns so my thumb got some workout on the remote going back and forth. Mygawd, what's become of me...

At my last 'diabetic education session' the nurse looked at my pink toenails and informed me that I need to get some closed shoes. Seems that I won't feel any damage to my feet like blisters or ingrown toenails or bears chewing off my feet. This seems impossible to me because I am the Princess and the Pea around here always stepping on minute little chunks of things that hurt. Lack of sensitivity is NOT my problem. But she says to get 'closed shoes' and wear 'loose socks'. Since I only have a life in spring and summer climates, this is above and beyond what I am prepared to do. I long ago ditched all my socks, retain one pair of pantyhose for emergencies like unexpected weddings and funerals. I have vast stores of sandles in every imaginable heel height and color because, (almost) even more than FOOD, I love my cute SHOES! This is really the final blow.

Diabetic Shoes

Do these shoes make me look fat?

Oops, gotta go and eat a cauliflower, two more cherries and a tablespoon of olive oil. Later.


Terry said...

Ugh. I'm sorry and wondering if I put off my physical long enough I can escape your fate. At the last one my Dr. gave me a stern warning about my elevated blood sugar. Waiting for the other shoe (ha ha) to fall.

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Hi Sandy

Loved reading the interview- I recognises some fo the working/creating patterns :-)

Sorry to hear you have diabetes- in Oz apart from diet they strongly advise to walk and walk- 10,000 steps if you can manage it, and it really does help with all sorts of other things as well.Good luck with it all.

Rayna said...

Big can this be? Damn! Frankly, Sandy, I could cope with the pills, the cauliflower and all the other aggro - but closed shoes would be my limit. Find another nurse-practitioner and get a different opinion. That part is unacceptable!

P.S. - your interview was great fun - so YOU!

Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Sandy, Crocs make shoes that are for diabetics and even some socks. They also have some impregnated with Silver to help prevent infections. Check em out!

I have a pair of the ones for sensitive feet and they are even more comfy for those of us who use orthotics.

A way to add a bit more "colour" in your life.