Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sneering at the Fates

I AM gonna be OK. Today has been great so far and it's not even 10 AM. Yesterday I decided to take the nutritionist's (and educator's and doctor's) advice and believe them that I need to exercise. So, I took Molly out for a 20 minute walk right after lunch and whammo- the blood sugar went down 20 points. She had suggested a walk after every meal so that's the plan. Now I *get* it as I had just been walking the dog on her usual route and that involves maybe 10 minutes and lots of starts and stops. So I will reform my sedentary habits from now on. Actually I got up this morning feeling like I had finally lost a pound or two and it's about time. This will do a big job pulling me out of my hidey-hole.

I talked to TY and the dog (on speakerphone) in North Carolina this morning, all is well with both of them. They have been listening to full volume opera and one of them has been smoking cigars since last night at 6 when they left here. They found the first Waffle House of the trip and had their greasy eggs and bacon so both the Big Dog and the Fluffy Dog are very content. I bet the top goes down when they reach the Florida state line with only 500 more miles to go. All of these things I hate so I fly instead.

Took another 20 minute walk this morning at 8 and ended up at the Y where I went around their track a few times- I've been mad at this Y because they won't adopt partial year memberships but I can use the track without joining. Sure enough, again down 20 points from the fasting number. As much as I have been fighting it and avoiding it, this will be the new plan. I have my pedometer in FL and will again start the 10,000 steps plan too- that might get me out for a fourth walk every day- or not. I shouldn't make too many grandiose promises.

And forget the shoe thing
I was kvetching about yesterday- I will NOT wear those ugly brown clodhoppers, no matter what. They will have to tie me down and take off my feet before I compromise on that. (See? I can sure talk big, can't I?) Today I am in my Icons, printed to look like plywood and 2X4s in bright colors. Tomorrow I wear my tomato soup Icons- I'll show them! I won't buy any new Icons until they stop putting faces on them. I'll wear these Fischflops.

I got home just in time to meet the movers and they hauled all my stuff out of the condo and it's on it's way to Florida. The elevator only stalled once, I entered panic mode, but a good hip-check got it moving again. Yahoo! He promised me the truck would arrive a week from today so I will have to find shelves and assemble them asap so I can unload all the boxes. So- that's a load off my shoulders AND the hall outside the door is clear again AND I can see out the window from the dining room again. (The window is on the floor and is continually blocked by my stuff.) I now have a semi-empty former studio that I can do anything I want with- haven't had an 'extra' room in years. I am out of here on Friday so will have a nice long season to think about it.


jpsam said...

Oh, you sound so much better! I'm so glad. Have you considered swimming? When I started I couldn't swim 25 yards without gasping for breath. Now it's one of the best things in my life. In the water I feel thin, graceful, weightless, sleek, fast, strong, dare I say euphoric? Of course I am addicted to my swim fins...

Diane Wright said...

I am so happy to hear about your point shaving! I was a little bewildered with the line "...walk this morning at 8 and ended up at the Y"? How in the world does that happen? Is there a 12 step program for that?

Keep up the good work!

Sandy said...

There is a really nice Y right around the corner from me-so close that I would feel guilty driving to it! It has a big new outdoor track and all the usual Y stuff inside but I will NOT pay for a years membership when I can only use it 3 months! So, I let it lapse and I am gym-less up here, but have one in FL that I will be at tomorrow afternoon.