Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pin-Up Girl

Did that get your attention? Well, sorry, but what I am going to show you are my new pin-up boards, and what the hell, I used to be a girl so there ya go. I had fun too.
Now my pleasures come more in getting styrofoam covered with flannel! I got 3 king sheets from Garnet Hill mail order, cut them all in half and each piece is perfect for covering a 4'x8' board. Everything is so clean and white now, my old flannel from previous boards will find it's way into quilt sandwiches make believing it's bologna. Flannel works great for lightweight covers, but it's especially great in clothing if you are drawn in that direction. It still drapes instead of the usual 'wearable art' look that makes your shape into a brick outhouse. ANYway, above are the three styrofoam panels covered and in place against the dark metal garage door that, if it were horizontal, I could cook on. I can feel heat radiating off of it halfway across the room but now it's much better. We don't want to stress the AC! Steve still has to tie these in place but I am thrilled to have something easily movable and so efficient. AND I can pin stuff to it.

Design wall done! Steve got one panel up but because he had to cut a place for the outlet I didn't get it flanneled until yesterday. Now this second panel is ready to attach. We couldn't find homosote in any stores around here in spite of getting some 2 years ago. Steve found some sound board, much thinner but we are pretty sure it will work the same. OK, I lied, it's *almost done*.

I am having 5" strips of homosote (covered with flannel, natch!) attached at the 8' mark along the long wall to pin quilts to. Also, at the 6' mark there will be another strip of these pin boards for smaller work (mostly what I do anyway). These boards will give me 25' of display on each row. But they have to be installed yet. I just finished getting them ready last night.

Also, under the windows and over the desk space is an 18" strip of homosote I covered with some fabulous red burlap with a discharged design. This was a drapery panel for display in a local furniture store in it's previous life, on sale in the junk bin for $9. I have enough left to make a pillow for the chair. The flash showed more of the white board underneath rather than the rich color. Also note the 20 year old lamp that I glued back to life with some barkcloth. I have 2 of these- the other one is in the front buy the door.

And here are my work tables with their new laminate tops. The edges still have to be added and the plastic was on to protect it from my spray glue, but I am almost ready!

Oh, here is the second lamp---

And my Moo cards ready to be taken!

And with this post I think you all have had enough of my studio building issues. What I do want to tell you is that whenever I had an idea someone magically appeared to deal with it with me. The fates have been on my side through all of this, presenting the perfect people for each job that have shown up exactly when I was thinking I might need someone to help. And I am not even counting the 'moral support' folks like all you guys who read about it and drop me wonderful notes cheering me on.

Tonight to pay back a little bit I am working at the Special Olympics fundraiser here. It's a golf tournament, cocktail party, schmoozy sort of thing on going for four days, so I'll be busy. I'll be the one in the huge hat dying of the heat on the 17th tee! Send water! And thanks for reading this and sticking by through all the trials and tribulations. Start IMAGINING how I can be of help to you now~

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