Friday, October 02, 2009

Next Installment

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul. (John Muir)

The electricity gave out at Ganymede yesterday. Steve was there working while I sat on the 17th tee helping the Special Olympics golf tournament, and he called me to tell me everyone on our street was sitting on their 'stoops' (He's also from Massachusetts!) waiting for it to go back on. I'll tell you, without air conditioning these cement boxes heat up pretty quickly. I got so busy after they released me from the tee that I never got back over. Instead I dealt with the furniture delivery- new beds for the guestroom, the Office Depot delivery-more new plastic bins because the last batch was delivered to Newton where I of course have NO need for them at all, and the purchase of a new lamp that I have been in love with since first seeing it last winter.

I also spent yet MORE time dealing with Medicare, the pharmacy, and Social Security trying to arrive at one name instead of three. The new card I called about last July finally arrived and now I am Missus Dunabed. This is the bureaucracy that is going to take over health care? I am not against this, just against this part of it- WHO is gonna be in charge again? So, today I start all over on my name change- wonder what will be carved into my headstone- maybe I should start overseeing that now too.

This morning, as soon as it's light, I will pack the angry Molly, she who freaks at speed bumps, into the car to deliver more stuff to Ganymede. I have an additional barkcloth pillow for the chair (you're welcome Lisa!), four ginormous cutting mats from a retail fabric shop that are only slightly damaged for me, too damaged for the shop (thank you Liza!), and a gallon of soft teal paint left from the bedroom- I am going to do some paintings for above the beds- got the paint, got the canvasses, got the idea and away I go.(I actually saw two paintings at the store where I got the lamp but I am too cheap to buy them. I'd hang a quilt or two but this house has been declared a no-quilt, no-basket zone (thanks to Mr.Ralph who got fed up with my collections)

The new guestroom. I'll take some more pictures for tomorrow because the tarp is out and the furniture is in.

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