Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chaos to Transcend Immersions

Ye haw- I found this relic from 1954 in one of my piles o' crap and it's perfect for a western themed party coming up. The last thing I wanted was to spend lots of money on clothes I won't wear. Now I can borrow a hat, preferably with a few sequins, and wear my levis and white shirt. I have lots of old Hopi jewelry to pile on so I am set.

Today I am stuck at home waiting for a mattress delivery so I will get caught up on stuff here- I am having a hard time adjusting to no internet in the studio and may have to rectify that situation soon. Problem is that once internet is in, I spend too much time on the computer- but I know you can relate to that... Or you would be off doing something constructive!

Hmmm, once I get a cable in, I would need (!) a flat screen tv too. With Comcast that would put my monthly fee up to an ridiculous fee to watch a little daytime tv. But I explained somewhere in the archives that I have always used the sound of droning voices as my background noise of choice. Music is too distracting and cuts short any muse visits. I've been downloading podcasts to play in the studio and that's working so far but I'm running out of things I want to listen to. Maybe I should put a tin can donation request out by my front door: HELP PAY FOR THIS WOMAN'S ENTERTAINMENT! Bet that will go far.

My fire-plug series. Don't know what I will do with these, but they will eventually appear somewhere.

I began sorting out all my collage stuff from different drawers and bins. Got them all organized except for magazine clippings which I will need prolonged bed rest to accomplish. The good thing is so many little pieces are cut out and ready to clue, the bad thing is ...so...many..pieces...

This is fun- a big piece of watercolor paper I used as a blotter for my coffee for a few weeks. I know this will appear somewhere soon. I will send it through the printer a few times too, now that I can send stuff through the back (it's heavy paper!)

Remember this from a few days ago? I found my good scissors and it's on it's way to a renovation-

I am needing all those bear paws to look like they are wandering around outside my cabin, not lined up in military formation.

Here was the former pile of black stuff, and on the right is how it looks now. Nicer, for sure, in fact so nice I can't dig through it for fear of messing it up!

Tha, tha, thaz all folks!

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Mandi said...

We no longer have any cable. If I have need of television I use hulu.com. So if you spring for the internet you can use that instead.